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01/06/2016 - Staten Island All Hands - Shore Acres

Time: 1252
Box: 645

Location: 64 Nautilus Street
Description: Fire in a two story frame
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

01/16/2016 - Queens All Hands - St. Albans

Time: 0716
Box: 5720

Location: 120-44 194th Street
Description: Fire in an attached garage with extension
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

01/03/2016 - Bronx 2nd Alarm - Wakefield

Time: 0246
Box: 3807

Location: 655 E. 230th Street
Description: Fatal fire in a six story OMD
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

01/02/2016 - Brooklyn 2nd Alarm - Cypress Hills

Time: 1155
Box: 1856

Location: 264 Crescent Street
Description: Fire in the basment of a two story frame attached
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

12/26/2015 - Queens All Hands - Rochdale

Time: 1310
Box: 8728

Location: 162-40 144th Avenue
Description: Fire in a private dwelling
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

12/13/2015 - Queens 2nd Alarm - Jamaica

Time: 0955
Box: 9876

Location: 163-18 Jamaica Avenue
Description: Fire in a flea market
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

12/10/2015 - Bronx 6th Alarm - Fordham Heights

Time: 2345
Box: 3146

Location: 2086 Valentine Avenue
Description: Fire in row homes
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

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