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    Thats fine. Medics and all advanced training on the EMS side garners more wages does it not? The Fire side is trained appropriately to 99 percent of the medical level the basic EMT is.
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    I’m all for pay raises - but until I ever see an EMT anywhere close to an IDLH, I won’t get my hopes up.
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    1/17/2023 Manhattan LES 10-77 Box 236

    Right after the Lithium around 1430 280 Madison, Fire 8f 16 story NYCHA If all available: E-15, E-9, E-28, E-55, E-6? TL-18, L-6, L11F, L-9? L-1? 4th Batt
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    1/17/2023 Manhattan LES Box 261 Hazmat

    287 Broome Street Around 1400 hours Lithium Battery Fire Maybe: E-9, E-55, E-15 L-6, L-18 Batt 4 E18
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    1/16/2023 Brooklyn All Hands 10-77 Box 3449

    253 and 161 First due. L-168 2nd truck followed by 153, 169, 172 10-45-2 in fire apartment Assignment was: 253, 245, 318 161, 168 A block or two over and it changes to 318/166 first due
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    1/9/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3612

    246/169 crushed it in first due work for 2022. One of the highest in the city
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    1/9/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3612

    245 2nd due unless out
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    1/5/23 Manhattan All Hands 10-76 Box 0098

    Ok, for some reason I thought whichever ticket designation you were assigned could generate a suffix. I need to get back in the books!
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    1/5/23 Manhattan All Hands 10-76 Box 0098

    No 15 engine? 10 engine? How is 14 engine on this? Other activity?
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    2022 All Hands/Greater Alarms - Bronx BC 1st Due Responses

    This site is certainly the coup de grace in terms of accurate 10-75 reporting. Way better than the two group me’s, as the middle of the night/post 0000 hours jobs go missed there as opposed to here. Well done. Are you doing a Brooklyn Battalion one?
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    12/26/22 15,000 Post

    What’s his combined post total with the Rant! Gotta be 30,000! The best of the best!
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    12/26/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3650

    Scott Berliner has photos of L-161 OV bringing two babies down fire escape Ill try to post
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    12/23/2022 Staten Island All Hands Box 0458

    Oh Goodness. Horrible
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    Housewatch areas

    From what I remember they have two housewatches right?
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    Housewatch areas

    Now for the most important question- scanner on or off in HW? Lol
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    12/6/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3391

    Borderline box for 153/161 Thought 161 is first truck normally with 253
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    Housewatch areas

    214/111 from what I remember, cant shut the lights off and half to walk through housewatch when entering firehouse. 7/1 has an interesting watch setup
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    12/6/22 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3492

    Gotta go somewhere to catch some work! Lol 😉 😘
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    New York City Vs. Westchester & Nassau

    The run totals are high in the FDNY due to everything everyone has stated - plus the agency itself is a catch-all for things that other agencies dont handle. Think - lock ins/outs, lost cell phones, every odor imaginable, domestic disputes, defective appliances, plumbing issues- you name it, we...
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    Does the RAC make coffee?

    How does your wife even know what the RAC unit is? Lol Ive never seen it - but when I did light duty in the RAC years ago, I made Hot Chocolate for the brothers as it was the winter time.