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    1/26/23 Bronx 4th Alarm Box 3806

    63 OOS for the day. E 38 first on the ticket, another phone alarm was out nearby. L 51 normally FAST- assigned on 3rd. Back to back reports of fire elsewhere in the neighborhood.
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    Changes at Headquarters

    I would suspect this guy belongs to Banks, the Dep. Mayor. Many suspect he is the "chief of operations" for the Mayor.
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    New FDNY Tillers

    Fleet services sent out a solicitation memo to aerials a while back- they could request a tiller on the next apparatus order. Several companies submitted requests.
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    Former member of E 38.
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    Next NYC multiple fatality fire disaster

    the lullaby of Broadway!
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    1/11/2023 Bronx All Hands Box 3505

    Catty-corner from 81/46 quarters
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    1/8/23 Bronx All Hands Box 3474

    NYCHA Eastchester Gardens aka "Burke Ave Houses"
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    BROOKLYN 3RD ALARM E 8TH ST 1/7/1969

    That's not 383 East 8th Street.
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    10-18 Signal

    "Dropping down" means you used more than 1 & 1, but you are making sure they don't get credit. It's bad language. I think it's a viral phenomenon. One guy hears someone say it, then he repeats it, without thinking about what he is saying. Like the rampant misuse of "K". Saying "using 1 & 1...
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    Germany, Dozens Of New Year Attacks On Berlin Firefighters

    Hard to imagine who would do such a thing.
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    12/27/22: Brooklyn: All Hands Box 1088

    Patio Gardens
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    12/26/22 Bronx All Hands Box 2988

    43/59 home box 2998
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    12-23-22...QNS BOX 1464 ...WATER INCIDENT.

    It is not. The boat launches are used by the US Park Police.
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    12/23/2022 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1060

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    12/21/22 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 6215

    The door on exposure 2 could serve a bsmt apt and a top floor apt. The bsmt could also be split into a rear and front apt if there is a rear entrance. Many such cases.
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    I can remember the windows on bldgs at Fulton Ave & CBX and then on the bldgs along the Deegan just north of the stadium.
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    North Charleston,SC House Fire 12/20/2022

    A testament to their training!
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    12/16/22 Bronx All Hands Box 2989

    Slashers n Blue Devils going to work a lot recently.
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    12/16/22 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 2702

    Right behind the Tinhouse
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    FDNY FF JOHN J. FLANAGAN II L 125 LODD 12/8/1975

    FF Flanagan has a son who is a LT in the Bronx.