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    New Haz Mat 1 Assembly Line Photos

    The 2014 rig is the 2nd piece. There is no photo of the bigger rig they got after the 2005 Ferrara.
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    That is an old patch. I have a newer one but whoever made it never heard of spell check. Batallion?
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    You forgot Station 35, so Five Stations.
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    12/12/22 Manhattan 10-76 Box 847

    E-65 should be first due.
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    11/3/22 Manhattan 10-77 Box 1524

    Just saw a video that shows Engine 65 responding in to the 10-77 & it says they were acting Engine 80.
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    Not Guilty!
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    8/20/22 Staten Island 3rd Alarm Alarm Box 4141

    I believe the original plan for E-168 was to have a Truck there as well.
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    Peachtree City, GA Fire & Collapse

    4 ladder pipes are flowing. Hwy. 54 closed so they can lay out 5 inch hose. That is 1/4 mile away from the fire building.
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    Peachtree City, GA Fire & Collapse

    Peachtree City - Fire & Collapse at a Walmart at 2717 Hwy. 54. Unknown how many alarms or if partial or total collapse. Mutual Aid from Fayetteville, Fayette County & Coweta County FD's.
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    Peachtree City, GA Fire/Collapse

    Peachtree City - 2717 Hwy. 54 Fire & Collapse at Walmart. Mutual Aid from Fayetteville, Fayette County & Coweta County FD's.
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    NYC fire protection

    Don't give them any ideas when it comes to disbanding companies!
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    Rehab Manager

    Question, Since the Rehab Manager is a Battalion Chief, why aren't they referred to as Rehab Battalion or RAC Battalion over the air?
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    3/14/22 Brooklyn 5th Alarm Box 553

    L-30 isn't in Da Bronx!
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    1/8/22 Manhattan 10-76 Box 713

    Walter Smith was a Probie. The fire started in the sporting goods section. The store had turned off the sprinkler system for the floor due to maintenance. Macy's notified the FDNY but it never got down to the companies.
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    It is definitely Engine 65. My Dad was on 65 at the time. He recognized every member in the video!
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    Boston,MA New Firehouse For E-42

    Did they build on the same location Columbus Ave. & Bragdon St.?
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    Change to NYC Building Codes

    How is this going to affect FDNY operations at fires?
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    Squad Support Truck

    Question. When Engine 165 gave their rescue pumper and haz mat rig to Squad 8, did they get a different haz mat rig in its place? Or are they no longer part of haz mat?
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    9/26/21 Manhattan 10-75 Box 436

    What does the P stand for in E*21P?
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    New to the site. Thanks for having me. I try to reunite helmets.

    The photo in the book was taken when Engine 65 celebrated its Centennial in 1998. Capt. George McQueen handed over the reigns to Capt. Richard Rotanz right before then. Rotanz retired in 2002 and Capt. Murtagh manned the ship from then until he retired in 2019 making him the longest serving...