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    Stats and Trends - Chart FDNY Malicious False Alarms by Year 1960 - 2020

    0700 to 2300 hrs no contact no response.... 1 Engine response 2300 to 0700
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    E 290 had 6985 runs in 2021, it would have put them 3rd, they are listed in the Firehouse survey with 3985,must have been a misprint
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    Walmart suit

    Every fire that I went to in a sprinklered building, where the sprinkler system activated, the system had to be shut down at some point in the operation. A line would be stretched and advanced to the fire area (indicated by the discharging sprinkler head(s)). A radio equipped member would go to...
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    Good man gone way too soon.......
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    He was a good man, Rest in Peace Chief.....
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    Its on one of my jackets...... don't know if any others are around.....its a relic
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    4/8/22 Bronx 10-75 Box 2724

    If you walk into the throat of the building, up the steps, and through the front door you are on the 1st floor. Above that are floors 2 through 5. The street/sidewalk level is the "ground floor" or basement. As an officer (retired) working in that area and having fires in those buildings, my...
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    Yonkers, NY- 4th Alarm 03-14-22 (Updated)

    No, different threads
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    2/7/22 Manhattan 10-77 Box 0689

    Now I do.......
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    2/7/22 Manhattan 10-77 Box 0689

    Saw a video clip, 30 Truck has their aerial up at this job.......don't see them on the rundown
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    2/3/22 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 4798

    Used to be a 3rd due Box for E48.......
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    1/9/22 Bronx 5th Alarm 10-77 Box 3162

    4 folded lengths..200' vs. 3 folded lengths...150' for a standpipe job definitely can make a difference...... especially duplex apartments..
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    1/9/22 Bronx 5th Alarm 10-77 Box 3162

    From WNYF 4/86.... floor/hallway layout for this building. some floors have no public hallway