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    9/24/22 Manhattan 10-75 Box 12

    Why is a reserve engine active and responding to calls?
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    9/1/22 4* Alarm Staten Isl. Box 3197

    It’s a long ride for most of the trucks. 86 isn’t too bad. Did oceanic volunteer go to this? It’s not far at all for them.
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    8/20/22 Staten Island 3rd Alarm Alarm Box 4141

    Not sure but I think the idea was to start them off with a “new” engine. The 2002 went to the spare pool and they had the 2006 Seagrave which was I think the last J cab until their present day e-one.
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    8/20/22 Staten Island 3rd Alarm Alarm Box 4141

    Original plan was a full house from what I recall. Construction was funded in 1999 due to south shore housing boom. The house was built and mayor Bloomberg axed the establishment of any fire company and instead only used the house for ems. There was a south shore fire which had an over 6 minute...
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    8/21/22 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 1905

    So basically it’s 152, 153, 155 and L78 for four companies not seeing action at either box. Just to put this out there: 17 engines, 12 trucks, 1 squad, 1 rescue, 3 bats protect the near 500k residents over 60 square miles. It’s not just fire protection that under serves Staten Island. They are...
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    8/20/22 Staten Island 3rd Alarm Alarm Box 4141

    Think this is a lot closer to oceanic and I don’t think they went on this either.
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    8/21/22 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 1905

    Most companies at this second alarm operated at the third. Think there are only one or two SI companies who saw no action from either. Also of note squads 1 and 252 at some point were either relocated or dispatched to a run on SI. That’s three of the 8 squads seeing SI frequency.
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    8/20/22 Staten Island 3rd Alarm Alarm Box 4141

    IMHO You could get a full house somewhere near the mall, could use another ladder out towards 158 or at squad 8/e154 as you have some boxes on that end where 3 engines are in before a truck. Fourth battalion is for sure needed and D8 probably should be dedicated to SI at this point.
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    8/20/22 Staten Island 3rd Alarm Alarm Box 4141

    Staten Island needs more relocat than what is currently listed. 12 of the 17 engine companies on the island are here 7 of the 12 trucks are here. Would think you need more than the one and one for a three alarm on the south shore. Basically as it is right now south of 278 is only being covered...
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    8/12/22 Staten Island 10-75 Box 1956

    Note squad 8 being one of the first due engines so they went in as an engine. Squad 1likely busy so 252 got the run on the all hands. That’s a very far and long haul. 18 miles and nearly an hour or so. Likely never made it to the call. Glad to hear the injured firefighter is stable.
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    FDNY Type 2 Ambulances

    Inter facility stuff is done by transport companies or the actual hospital themselves. For example SIUH has ambulances dedicated to transfer patients up and down Hylan Blvd between north and south campus. These are just northwell emergency services. The 911 member buses do not take part in this...
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    This location is right on the cheequake/ Madison Park border with Sayreville (Parlin) just a few blocks up the road. Those garden apartment buildings if they get going can spread very fast if the fire gets into the roof. Whole building can go up fast.
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    3/31/21 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 2033

    Those days are before my time but I am quite familiar with the history of the borough. Brush season was a busy time, units staged at e164, poor hydrant system and looooonnnnggggg waits for units to get to the island because that very expensive bridge was not built. The island is in desperate...
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    Gwinett County GA on fire truck buying spree

    Having seen a few of the buses dropping off at the hospital I work at, the FDNY rigs are worked and worn. The 2017s are starting to look somewhat worn. I’m actually shocked how some of the 911 participating hospitals can run such old units on the system. Northwell (SIUH) had some 10+ year old...
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    7/5/22 Queens 10-77 box 7676

    Family member texted me 328 but with everything going on it could have been a typo. Tenant of the unit was arrested and taken to a local hospital for psychological evaluation. He had been arrested prior for criminal mischief for intentionally damaging security cameras there. Suspected this was...
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    7/19/22 Staten Island Hazmat Box 189

    E165 with their second piece for the HMTU.
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    7/10/22 Staten Island Fatal MVA w/ Pins Box 4775 16 year old driver going at a high rate of speed in a mustang on a learner's permit, other driver was driving on a suspended. Very tough one...
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    7/5/22 Queens 10-77 box 7676

    Have family who live just up the block from this. Can confirm S288, R4 for the SOC units. 295, 326, 328, L58 (arrived well after most others), L129, L160. another hydrant blocker at this box. 326 sadly didn’t put the hose through the car lol Fire was going pretty good. Nice contain and knock...
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    6/10/22 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 1177

    Another example of why SI needs more companies on the west shore and mid island.
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    4/28/22 Staten Island 10-75 Box 3171

    Long run for a lot of companies. 154 err I mean S8 is there for a bit alone. Would think 168 jumps the west shore and has an easier time getting in over 163 to this box. 163 has a harder drive fighting the traffic on victory and all the traffic lights.