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    Chicago 3-11

    Looks like it ran 4-5 stories. So much for being a "Fire Resistive" building.
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    Fire Departments That Don't Use Standard (NST) Hose Threads

    Many older cities had their own threads as they were developed before National Standard became a thing. I think after the Great Baltimore Fire was the turning point where the need to standardize was identified. In Westchester, there's National Standard, NY Corp and FDNY plus a few other odd...
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    New Rescues ?

    The Collapse Rescues are getting up there in age but that would only be 5. Rescues and Haz Mat all have new rigs. Maybe bigger rigs for the SOC Support Ladders? Otherwise, maybe it's something for EMS.
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    1/14/09 The Miracle on the Hudson 14 Years Ago

    And to think, my most surreal moment was watching a homeless man piss off the sidewalk onto 5th Ave at 42nd Street in broad daylight. Must have been a victim of Mrs. Deblasio's billion-dollar mental health heist.
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    Balto City FD. Report on triple LODD released

    Interesting. Keep in mind that while the building was vacant, the initial dispatch reports stated people were trapped. I'm sure it's a fairly common occurrence in Baltimore. It's also worth noting that they were in the process of pulling the crews out when the collapse occurred and that it took...
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    New York City Vs. Westchester & Nassau

    The FDNY does a much better job of documenting their jobs by tracking and publishing not just run numbers but also All Hands fires. Take the Li-Ion battery fires over the past year or so for example. In the past some of the smaller e-bike fires probably wouldn't have made it to the board here...
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    11/8/22 Bronx 10-77 2nd Alarm Box 4758 1520 Sedgewick Ave - "The Birthplace of Hip Hop"
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    10/18/22 Queens 4th Alarm Box 7272

    The BlitzFire's max out around 500 gpm. It's good for a quick knockdown if you have a lot of fire showing in a small area but not so great for a surround and drown operation. I see a lot of jobs putting them on the end of larger diameter (2.5"/3") preconnects. It allows the chauffer to pull it...
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    10/20/22 Queens All Hands Box 7256

    I saw a news clip of the fire where they were spraying down a 55-gallon drum that was smoking outside of the building. I assume that's what they put the batteries into until hazmat could deal with them.
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    2001 Seagrave Spare Ladder 4 Responding

    I wonder how rare it is to end up in a spare that was originally your company's rig.
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    8/6/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1621

    Unrelated to the incident, but does anyone know what the bay labeled "Storehouse" was used for at 227's quarters?
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    New Haz Mat 1 Assembly Line Photos

    Up until a few years ago, blue lights were strictly limited by NYS law to volunteer firefighters even though many emergency vehicles had them anyway. I think the state changed the law to allow them on emergency vehicles a few years back. There's been a push recently on rethinking warning lights...
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    New Haz Mat 1 Assembly Line Photos

    I wonder if it they were spec'd out by 2 different groups. I would imagine members of the Rescue's spec out the Rescues and members of the Haz Mat gets a say in their rig but that's just a guess.
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    New Haz Mat 1 Assembly Line Photos Came across this gallery on Ferrara's production site.
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    Li. Ion fires

    Foam has a limited impact if any on a Li-Ion battery fire. What is occurring is essentially a chemical reaction within the battery called thermal run away where the battery rapidly overheats and ignites. I should also add that the smoke is significantly more toxic than most carbon-based...
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    Mount Vernon (Westchester), NY- 2nd Alarm 06-19-22

    Back in the fall of last year, Nassau and Suffolk sent swift water assets up to Westchester during Tropical Storm Ida. They staged at the Westchester Fire Training Center in Valhalla. I'm not sure if they were deployed into the field. On the flip side, Westchester sent fire suppression and...
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    5/23/22 Marine Unit Mutual Aid Request

    I recall hearing that the FDNY boats were purchased with Federal funding that stipulated that it be available for mutual aid from something like Maine to DC.
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    4/12/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 7032 Subway Shootings

    Were FDNY companies initially sent for a reported smoke condition in the station or an active shooter? I’ve seen conflicting statements. Either way it drives home the point to never treat a call as “routine.”
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    Yonkers, NY- 4th Alarm 03-14-22 (Updated)

    There are 3 main types of threads for fire hose: NY Corp, FDNY and National Standard. Alot of it goes back to the 1800's and early 1900's when there was no standardization. Nowadays its usually addressed in the building code. NYC requires FDNY threads on hydrants and standpipes. Yonkers...
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    3/15/22 Bronx 10-75 Box 4191

    Did the vols turn out?