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    2/15/22 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 1158

    Very Sad !! R.I.P
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    DC Jonas's Division 7 Newsletter July - August 2021

    I was working the 12 to 8am shift at Bronx fire communications (Dispatcher # 182). I remember the person who activated the ERS box 2521 saying there is a fire and people were jumping out of windows. At almost the same time every phone was ringing and all reporting the same. In those days Rescuse...
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    March Multiples

    Is this a trend or just a blip for this month ? I certainly hope its just a blip for the sake of the FDNY firefighters - The BEST in the World
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    2/22/2021 Brooklyn 3rd Alarm Box 1083

    Use the All borough feed
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    New Tillers

    The Town of Cary Fire Dept (North Carolina) where i reside , has replaced two of three Pierce Dash Platforms with Pierce Enforcer 107' TDA. Two reasons were given for the switch, Cost and that its easier to get into narrow streets. A third TDA is on order. Pictures at this link...
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    FDNY - Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island - Live

    Am I the only one not getting any audio from the FDNY - Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island - Live Audio feed ? It has been several days. Thanks
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    FDNY Scanner Audio via Broadcastify

    Is it just me or is there a problem with Broadcastify - FDNY scanner feeeds ?
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    I just never understand communities objecting to a new fire station. How much actual traffic problems does this cause. This is crazy. I live in a town that has a small paid Fire Dept. Currently 9 Fire Stations. One of the oldest Fire stations is falling apart. The appreatus floor is slowly...