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    Chicago 3-11

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    11/29/22 Bronx 10-75 Box 8897

    Scene looks chaotic.
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    11/5/22 Manhattan 10-77 3rd Alarm Box 877

    Looks like impaled. The post has a photo of the victim with something sticking out of her arm.
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    New 'blocking trailer' is protecting Carrollton first responders
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    9/13/22 Brooklyn 4th Alarm Box 0820

    I heard no injuries on the feed but they called a bus for one person who wanted to get checked out.
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    9/1/22 Manhattan 2nd Alarm Box 0334

    Could see the smoke from south Brooklyn
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    8/3/22 Manhattan 10-77 All Hands Box 1517

    This the first E-Bike fire related death in NYC?
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    6/19/22 Manhattan All Hands Box 0261
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    6/17/22 Queens 5th Alarm Box 6068

    Is this the first 5th alarm or greater since the FDNY implemented there won’t be anymore 6, 7, 8 etc alarm fires. Everything will be a special call from here on out?
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    6/13/22 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3726

    Noticed today while using google maps, has to be an error. Apple maps still says Bedford Ave
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    Some actions today.
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    5/15/22 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 2428

    Second fire in the same area in the last 30 minutes.
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    Some new photos.
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    5/2/22 Brooklyn 3rd Alarm Box 2677

    This e-bike pile is something to see. edit: added a better picture.
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    4/12/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 7032 Subway Shootings

    Great photos. Never seen this truck before, what is its purpose?
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    4/3/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 728

    Saw on twitter that this was possibly arson.
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    3/30/22 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 4374

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    3/30/22 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 4374

    You are doing great.