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    Does anyone have anything on the address 424 West 23 Street (Manhattan) (or an address very close to that) on Friday (probably afternoon), October 30,2020? Possibly box 618. Many thanks.
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    10/31/20 Manhattan All Hands Box 493

    I believe that address should be Peter Cooper at about 21st Street.
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    The Busiest Fire Station in the USA (2019)

    Thanks for giving us this, Bill. I'd be curious to know what their burn-out rate is and what FDNY/EMS burnout rate is across the board. For example, how many FDNY/EMS transition into hospital or other in-patient/out-patient service that's less emotionally draining. I also wonder, with many...
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    Beautifully told, Bill. Thank you.
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    What may be said? Prayers for all involved.
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    Thanks for your reply, ta176. Please share more of your experiences!
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    FDNY EMT Graduation Class Oct 23, 2020

    God Bless to all and, as Bill said, " a Safe and Rewarding Career" to each of you! You've chosen the most wonderful of callings - service to your fellow man.
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    ARSON INVESTIGATIONS Understanding the Impact of Ventilation on Burn Patterns Can Aid Arson Investigations
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    10/21/2020 Manhattan All Hands Box 0960

    If it's the building I'm thinking of, the tenants are several art galleries.
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    23rd Street Collapse

    Many thanks for that, Chief. Perhaps you might invite him to join The Site. I'm sure he'd make some great contributions from the wide perspectives of NYC FP and Vermont VFDs. Perhaps he might be willing to share some of his fire imageries.
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    23rd Street Collapse

    I don't remember hearing about your third paragraph, Bill (other than the Honorary Chief designation), but I remember the other facts you mention. If he's still active, per Ed Pospicil might be invited to join The Site. Thanks for posting this.
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    USS COLE 20TH ANNIVERSARY Finding Meaning in Tragedy - What the attack on USS Cole means to Our Navy, Our Nation and Our Adversaries
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    Tragic Accident

    Prayers are being, and shall be in future, said.
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    Pump Testing New Super Pumper

    I wonder if the Feds or locals might use these units at the west coast wildfires. I understand the water supply issues, but surely those can be overcome. After all, we're Americans and we can damn well overcome any problems!
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    Dubuque,IA (Delayed) House Explosion 9/29/2020

    Nice catch, Mike. Good work as usual!
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    Historic Fireboat Departs

    I still have mine. Probably in worse shape than the real boat, but it's still alive (and not so well)!
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    USCG OIL SPILL BAYONNE, NJ Coast Guard ends response to container vessel fuel oil leak in Bayonne, New Jersey
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    10/4/2020 Queens All Hands Plane Crash Box 4639

    Extraordinary coverage from so many Site members - thanks to everyone, and especially The Chief. And continued prayers for the deceased, the survivors and those who helped them.
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    Historical Hose and Nozzle Question...

    Welcome aboard The Site, PriorMike. Interesting question. I'm sure you'll get some informative answers.
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    I've been noticing many more boxes "beheaded" or otherwise obviously out of service in the Seventh Battalion. Not a good sign.