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    Very sad news from Edinburgh

    RIP Barry!
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    1/23/23 Manhattan 4th Alarm Box 1464

    My sisters' father in law was firefighter in Piber, Austria. Went to the fire house. The cleanest most organized place ever. RIP Herbert Assigal
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    FDNY BOT Tips from Training & Safety #23-8 Maintaining Professionalism during Civil Unrest

    Free for all in Memphis tonight. I hope calmer heads prevail.
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    LAFD To Purchase First Electric Fire Engine In North America

    Reduce contamination and they had several cases of members slipping and falling out of the cab while attempting to leave the cab. I can't laugh, I've done the same.
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    Five fire fighters hurt Edinburgh Scotland

    Keep us posted on this please. Any idea what occurred? Flashover?
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    2 Memphis fire department personnel 'relieved of duty' in connection to Tyre Nichols' death

    What did they do? Cannot get any answers to that question.
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    Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System Year In Review: 2022 Posted 1/24/2023

    Never seen it used in the name of the department.
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    New FDNY Tillers

    The issue is nobody is getting anything quick. Special bid work, like all FDNY rigs, can only add to the already horrendous delivery time.
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    Chicago FD 2022 runs Revised numbers

    Fast Eddie has the Vrydolak law Firm.
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    Chicago FD 2022 runs Revised numbers

    Calumet City is the southern border?
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    Chicago FD 2022 runs Revised numbers

    Hey Grump, where is 104 located?
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    FDNY FF. Plea bargain in weapons charges.

    All I can do is shake my southern head!
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    Newburgh Ny FF fails out of fire academy twice remains on payroll

    Newburgh has cut positions over the years due to fiscal issues but keeps an inadequate on the payroll????? HMMMM
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    Big Box Store Tactics - great fireground footage

    Kmart had a large distribution warehouse burn in PA in the very early 80’s. It was a situation where the system wasn’t designed for the rack storage but another factor was they didn’t augment the system through the FDC.
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    Memphis Fire Dept. division chief booted over behavior toward recruits 1/9/2023

    I will see what I can find out. Interesting.
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    LA fire Captain makes $500000 in overtime

    LA city has a program called SOD, scheduled Overtime Duty. Good for the member that wanted and was able to do it. I did some extensive ride a-longs with them in the late 90’s and even then they had members earning in the 150k range with SOD.
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    Skyrocketing Apparatus Costs and outrageous delivery times.

    Side note the cost on the tankers had increased so much that they normally come equipped. Had to cut and use that money for the increase in cost from bid till award since it exceeded 30 days.
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    Skyrocketing Apparatus Costs and outrageous delivery times.

    In the past two years, we have ordered 2-2000 gallon pumper tankers, 1-midi pumper and none have been delivered, better yet the chassis have not been delivered. The midi was first and they still don't have the 4 door chassis. The two tanker pumpers ordered in August 2022 have a 435 day waiting...