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    Unfortunately it's not competitive enough, just last week a Lieutenant I know left at 37 years old to join NYPD as a rookie. When compared to other city jobs and even more so voluntary EMS, we are not able to retain our members. I will admit I've ever been a proponent of equal pay especially...
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    NYPD to begin new RMP striping design

    You're telling me that the Radio Motor Patrol cars don't have radios?
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    New Rescues ?

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    New Rescues ?

    E*37, yes
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    1/25/23 Queens All Hands Box 7604

    Steinway Pianos Factory
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    10-18 Signal

    The Rescue Medics and HazTac officer are only assigned to the boats for special events. During normal operations the nearest trained unit is assigned and they'll board the boats to respond.
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    Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System Year In Review: 2022 Posted 1/24/2023

    Combined departments are those that have both volunteer and career members.
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    FDNY EMTs and Medics have a subset of members specifically trained to work in IDLH using PPE, SCBA, PAPR, hazmat suits and/or the Rebreather. We are not only trained but also have gone into many IDLH environments.
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    PLAINFIELD NJ NJ City Calling for Probe of Shuttered Volunteer Rescue Squad Amid Allegations 1/23/2023

    Not particularly a surprise, I've heard some horror stories about that place.
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    New FDNY Tillers

    Everything takes a long time here and perhaps the new tillers will take even longer, but they are coming... Eventually
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    1/19/23 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 2812

    There was another e-bike fire in the area with E*250 handling that didn't go to a 10-75. Perhaps a little confusion as both L*149 and BN*42 went over the air with a 10-75 on this box.
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    1/19/23 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 2812

    Non structural with a lithium ion battery involved. Battalion 42 requesting a HazTech engine. Update: 10-80 no code, several scooters on fire. HM*1 and HMB responding.
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    1/6/23 Buying, Selling and Trading WNYFs

    WNYF did not publish in 1995. Two issues were published in 1996. One issue was published in 1994 and 1992.
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    Unofficial New Haven Fire Stats for 2022

    E*6 and L*4, seem like great spots too.
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    Unofficial New Haven Fire Stats for 2022

    Are Engine 4 and Truck 1 on every 73?
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    Rescue 2

    It is, as to the second part perhaps someone else knows better than I.
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    Chicago FD 2022 runs Revised numbers

    Do you know what companies did the most fire duty?