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    Although I was NOT a member of the department, I remember very clearly when they closed Engine 232 and seeing the thousands of FDNY Members walking across that bridge. I also remember the time that my buddy and I knocked on the door to just look around because we had never been inside a metal...
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    Norwich, Ct Automatic Aid Policy

    Thank you "EMSR2" for posting that story. That is exactly what I was planning to talk about. A Special Election that was brought about by a mayor who went out getting signatures telling people that if this policy goes through, it Will INCREASE their Taxes and ELIMINATE their Volunteer...
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    Captain Luisi, I too wish you a very Happy and Healthy Retirement. The fact that during your 43 1/2 years you spent time in Ladder 103, Ladder 111, and Ladder 44. That certainly speaks for itself. All some of the BUSIEST FDNY LADDER COMPANIES within the City of New York, and perhaps the...
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    Norwich, Ct Automatic Aid Policy

    Between 1970 and 1975, I was very fortunate to be a Volunteer Firefighter in a very progressive, combination career and volunteer fire department That Fire Department being the Fairfield, CT Fire Department consisting of Five Firehouses within the entire city. Both Station 3 and Station 4 had...
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    Norwich, Ct Automatic Aid Policy

    Norwich, Ct is a small city, of about 40,000 people and is ranked the 25th largest city in Connecticut, covering about 29 square miles. The CITY Fire District, called the "City Consolidated Fire District" (CCD), is protected by a fully paid department career fire department of about 60...
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    Number of Uniformed Force of the FDNY

    Chief of Department - 1 Asst Chiefs - 14 Deputy Asst Chiefs - 8 Deputy Chiefs - 60 Battalion Chiefs - 345 Captains - 552 Lieutenants - 1,408 Firefighters - 8,072 Marine Pilots - 12 Marine Engineers - 19 Marine Wipers - 12 Chief Fire Marshall - 1 Asst Chief Fire Marshall - 1 Supervising Fire...
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    FDNY Maltese Plate Assignments

    Here is a list of FDNY Maltese Plate Assignments given to us by Retired FDNY Herbie Eysser Car 1 - Fire Commissioner - Laura Kavanagh Car 2 - Deputy Fire Commissioners - various Car 3 - Chief of Department - John Hodgens Car 4 - Chief of Operations - Massuci Car 4A - Asst Chief of Operations -...
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    FDNY Fire Activity - 2023

    January, 2023 Fire Activity: Staten Island: No Multiple Alarm Activity Queens: 1/14 - 2nd Alarm - Box 8558 1/30 - 2nd Alarm - Box 7743 Manhattan: 1/23 - 4th Alarm - Box 1464 1/30 - 3rd Alarm - Box 0963 Brooklyn: 1/13 - 3rd Alarm - Box 1637 1/22 - 2nd Alarm - Box 1581 1/23 - 2nd Alarm - Box...
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    2/1/23 Hamden CT

    Thanks Brad Yes that is my buddy Pete L., a guy who once received the highest medal for the rescue of a civilian while employed in another Connecticut FD It seems to me that the City of Hamden is just becoming an extension of New Haven with its recent shootings, fires, etc
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    FDNY Firefighter Anthony Mauro Lad * 109

    On 1-27-23 at almost 35 years of age after battling brain cancer....Gone Way Too Soon Rest in Peace Brother....Prayers for the comfort of the families.
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    Bozrah CT 3d Alarm 1/28/23

    The smoke from this fire could be seen for miles. Among the mutual aid companies responding, were my Brother and Sister Firefighters of the “Rose City’s Bravest” (Norwich Ct Firefighters). They responded with Engine 3, Truck 1, and Battalion 1 “Team Work Makes The Dream Work” as “jbendick”...
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    Lebby, you are there doing the job, so I MUST RESPECT WHAT YOU SAY. In places that I know of where the EMS Ambulances are a part of the local fire department, each firefighter with less than 15 years on the job, being a member of that local IAFF organization, excluding officers, MUST rotate...
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    DC Ray Downey's Proby Tips

    Chief Ray Downey gave many classes at the Rock, donating his time for the FDNY Burn Center, run by then, the late Lt Jimmy Curran. Those classes would be held the first Saturday of the month and for a small fee ($25.00) they were offered to anyone, firefighters, buffs, etc The fee included...
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    The life and legacy of Dennis Smith will "Live On". My first introduction to the book "Report From Engine Co 82", was also from that "True Magazine" in the 1970s. My father would often take me to the library with him and there on the magazine shelf, was that True Magazine with the headline...
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    FDNY Fire Activity - 2022

    Here is a comparison of the Total Number of Serious Incidents, combining All Hands and Greater Alarms Fires, with Emergencies handled by the FDNY. From Retired Dispatcher Herbie Eysser. Year 2019 - 1938 2020 - 1965 2021 - 1986 2022 - 2135
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    Seymour, Ct 2nd Alarm House Fire 1/19/23

    I know sometimes a lack of manning might force the boss to join in. Of course it’s not right but sometimes there are just no other choices
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    CT May Lower/Eliminate FF Physical Standards

    I would certainly AGREE with that I know some female firefighters who do a great job and that’s from some of the guys they work with In fact those females that are already doing a great job take offense to lowering any standards Let’s not forget that if the standards are lowered just to...
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    Unofficial New Haven Fire Stats for 2022

    New Haven's Rescue 1, out of NHFD Headquarters - is no doubt one of the busiest pieces of fire apparatus within the entire State of Connecticut. Not only did they respond to all 72 of the working fires and multiple alarms, but they also responded to many other serious incidents, including...
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    As many of us await the release of the book "They Saved New York", I would like to pass on to our members, another EXCELLENT BOOK that I would highly recommend. That book titled: "Into the Smoke with New York's Bravest", written by Thomas Barry and photos taken by Mike Dick. Mike of course a...
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    THE BRONX ....1981 & NOW.

    Things sure look different now from what they looked like in 1981. I remember when Charlotte St began to change. You could buy a vacant lot full of rubbish, ADVs, even sometimes a dead dog or cat, for $1,000. I though who in their right mind would ever consider such a dumb move. Wow was I...