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    2/6/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3672

    Looks like E 321 missed; should be 1st due.
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    West Point Military Academy FD to get big increase in budget. 1/25/23

    Sounds like someone missed a zero.
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    1/23/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2935

    Used to work in a different bank at Avenue J & East 12th.
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    1/22/2023 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1550

    None of the first four engines got a relocator?
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    1/22/23 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 1581

    Four blocks from E 248's quarters. Straight run.
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    1/19/23 Queens All Hands Box 4448

    50x100 is one large PD. Picture does not look like 50x100.
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    Most unusual call you ever responded to?

    Responded to an all hands fire on the 4th floor of a 6 story OMD. After the fire was out, it was obvious the fire started in the middle of the living room floor in a fourth floor apartment. The Chief in the 41 Battalion asked to see the tenant and asked how the fire could have started in the...
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    Old Marine Unit Docked in Manhattan

    Possibly John J Harvey?
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    1/6/23 Bronx All Hands Box 2448

    Probably E 73 second due.
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    1/1/23 Manhattan 10-75 Box 159

    Looks like E 27 missed this one. Should be first due.
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    12/28/22" Pawcatuck, CT: Working structure fire with fatality

    Pawcatuck FD was dispatched to a possible structure fire at 19 Moss Street, off West Broad Street. En route, units were notified one occupant might still be inside. Upon arrival, units found a fire in a first floor kitchen of 2 1/2 story wood frame dwelling. During extinguishment, the body of...
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    12/28/22 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 1089

    Don't believe E 248 relocated to E 249 since they were second due on the box.
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    12/27/22: Brooklyn: All Hands Box 1088

    Reported elsewhere: B 41 operated with all hands for a fire on the roof of an OMD located at 580 Flatbush Avenue. Under control at 0630 hrs. Could be: E 249, 248, 280 L 113, 132 B 41, E 240, B 48, D 15, SQ 1, R 2, if available.
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    12/27/2022: Stonington, CT- Working Structure Fire

    At 0201 hours, Stonington Borough FD was dispatched to an automatic alarm at 55 Church Street. First arriving unit found smoke inside a residence and transmitted a first alarm assignment. Mutual aid responded from Wequetequock FD, Pawcatuck FD, and Old Mystic FD as the FAST team. Fire was...
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    12/25/22: Brooklyn: All Hands Box 3734

    At 0147 hours, B 41 operated with all hands for box 3734 for a fire at 1780 Nostrand Avenue, near Clarendon Road. Fire was PWH at 0208. Could be: E 248, 255, 281 L 157, 147 B 41 SQ 1, R 2, E 249, L 113 FT, D 15 Yes, Flatbush againe.
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    12/24/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1569

    E Bikes in Flatbush? That is all we need. LOL
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    12/23/22: Stonington, CT - working structure fire

    The Stonington Borough FD was dispatched to a structure fire on Lindberg Road; the call was made by a neighbor a block away who saw heavy smoke from the home. This call occurred after the Stonington area experienced heavy flooding from surge from a major storm. The roadway was flooded and the...
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    12/21/22 Manhattan 2nd Alarm 10-76 Box 1476

    Looks like E 47 missed this one.
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    12/19/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1161

    Great video.