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    FDNY Fire Activity - 2022

    The data shown above correctly quantify "Serious Fires" (7-5s + Multiple Alarms). "Emergencies" are a separate category and are NOT included in numbers shown.
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    FDNY Fire Activity - 2022

    2022 Civilian Deaths by Boro (official) Manhattan 18 Bronx 37 Staten Isl 5 Brooklyn 24 Queens 15 Total 99
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    FDNY Fire Activity - 2022

    2022 7-5 Incidents by Boro (official) Manhattan 290 Bronx 365 Staten Isl 102 Brooklyn 685 Queens 516 Total 1938
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    Does the RAC make coffee?

    RAC-1 remains assigned to MAR-1 but is temporarily at Eng-4.
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    FDNY: Frequently Asked Questions

    To further clarify response beyond the fifth alarm: "Any Additional Units requested above a 5th Alarm will be special called by the Incident Commander and the incident will remain a 5th Alarm" per current Dispatch Operations directives.
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    10/18/22 Queens 4th Alarm Box 7272

    The “nozzle” referred to above is the Blitzfire, a 500 gpm, high or low flow, foam or water monitor with stacked smooth bore tips and fog capability. It may be set for automatic 20, 30, or 40-degree horizontal sweeps. It has a vertical stream of 10 to 86 degrees above horizontal. The monitor is...
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    New Seagraves

    I stand corrected - tnx
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    New Seagraves

    There is no historical record of the Mets using pinstripes on their uniforms. It’s the Yankees that have used pinstripes since 1909 and it’s E-68, first due at Yankee Stadium, that has displayed Yankee pinstripes in recent years. The Mets logo is appropriate for E-273 – but not pinstripes.
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    Temporary Relocations

    E-224 temporarily relocated to E-279 5/6/2021
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    Thanks for the update; unit was added 11-8-21
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    L-5 is one of 21 Manhattan ladders designated as "Water/Ice Rescue" units" but is not further designated a "Surf Rescue" trained unit.
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    Thank you
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    Would be helpful if you could list the 16 designated units. Thanks
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    Gator Type Vehicles

    One 2004 Polaris Ranger 6x6 ATV is at Engine 164 in Staten Island and has multiple capabilities: brush firefighting, transportation of Incident Commanders, reconnaissance at large-scale or difficult terrain incidents, emergency response at public events, and mobile fire-safety centers. It has a...
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    Designated Water Rescue Units

    Water Rescue Emergency Procedures documentation lists, in addition to a number of engines and ladders, the following SOC units: HazMat 1, and all rescues, squads, and marine companies.
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    Ladder 25 & Collapse Rescue 1

    The five Collapse Rescues are components of a “Technical Rescue Task Force” (TRTF). Each TRTF is composed of one Rescue, one Collapse Rescue, and one Squad with its second piece. One TRTF is assigned on “Major Technical Rescue” incidents which include explosions, plane down off airport, major...
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    Designated Water Rescue Units

    Current Water Rescue units are: 16 Engines, 58 Ladders, five Rescues, eight Squads, and two Tactical Support units. Six of the Engines and nine of the Ladders are further designated Surf Rescue units.
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    4/29/22 Bronx 3rd Alarm Box 4148

    The daily "Chief Officers Schedule" for battalions indicates which individuals are qualified to serve as Air Recon, Foam, Haz-Mat, Safety, Rail Liaison, and Transit Authority Liaison officers.
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    FDNY unions call for Mayor Eric Adams to lift vaccine mandates for city workers 3/26/22

    "They were given a command order and they disobeyed the order, plain and simple." ..... "Why should the ones who got fired get rehired?" Exactly.
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    3/24/22 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 1367

    Note the difference between assigned duty and rank or grade. The Chief of Fire Prevention is an Assistant Chief. There are currently two Assistant Chiefs of Fire Prevention, one is an Assistant Chief, one is a Deputy Assistant Chief.