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    12/27/22 Manhattan 10-76 Box 0673

    What's the difference between High Rise and Mega High Rise?
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    London Fire Brigade Declares Major Incident in Response to a Huge Surge in Fires with Record Heat

    Soda - Acid There has been Wild / Gorse (Brush) fires here in the past few weeks but not to the extent on the ones in the UK.. The latest here was in Dublin on Monday. 7 Engines, 2 Tankers, Drone Unit and the following day Army Helicopter Bambi Bucket drops. Thankfully no homes lost or members...
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    7/21/22 Bronx Shooting Box 2185

    Cheers Brad... Sent this to a group chat and a txt came back about 82/31 being sprayed with machine gun fire in the 70s. The members had to duck for cover as the doors where up Anyone any more info on that? Never heard that one
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    7/17/22 Manhattan Trauma Box 784

    Anyone know of it was an electric vehicle? Chatting with a FF over here today and there was an incident something similar to this here a few weeks ago but both front wheels were off the ground
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    London Fire Brigade Declares Major Incident in Response to a Huge Surge in Fires with Record Heat

    Throughout the day London had NO fire appliances available for calls due to workload And it was the current prime minister who closed London Fire Stations as Mayor
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    7/17/22 Manhattan Trauma Box 784

    In a terrible twist of fate this incident comes just 2 days short of another MVA involving a Rescue 1 member (July 19th 2006). Rescue 1 FF John Walters was hit by a taxi and pinned whilst standing at the back of Rescue 1 Thankfully he survived but with life changing injuries. Thoughts are...
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    ISIS planned chemical and biological attacks

    Dangerous times those days... Altho with the recent killings of top ISIS leadership I'd worry about some sort of retallation attack. Hopefully I'm wrong
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    Ill echo Willy D's comments. It really was an honour to meet Chief Jonas's that day and listen to him Wishing him a very healthy retirement On a side note from the top pic its great to see Ret COD Hayden looking so well. A friend to many on here and a good man
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    Belgian FF fatality on FDNY Marine Unit

    Thoughts are with the Belgian FF who passed away, those injured and those in the Marine Unit.
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    News of Members

    Never off duty....good job Steve
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    Irish Turnout Stats 2020

    Yes Lebby... Although the stats count all types of fires they would run the most structures along with their 2nd due in their battalion. At one stage (back in the 90's) Tallaght was the busiest fire station in Europe. Not sure where it sits now in European terms
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    Irish Turnout Stats 2020

    Like everywhere John so long as they are not busy they've always time for visitors. I recently brought a Chief from NYC to Tara St and he spent the best part of the day there. Even the Chief Fire Officer (COD) came down to say hello. Very welcoming
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    Irish Turnout Stats 2020

    Hi GG....Sorry for the delay. Was away for a few days Dublin only has 2 x Stations with Ladder Trucks in them. Tara St (DFB HQ) has 2 x Turntable Ladders (Rearmounts) and Dun Laoghaire in the South of the City has one. They are currently running the Reserve Aerial (Its a Turntable Ladder). They...
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    Irish Turnout Stats 2020

    Got turnout stats for Ireland for 2020 recently (2021 totals are still being verified) Again the busiest fire station in the country is Dublin Fire Brigades Tallaght Fire Station (My 1st Due). Tallaght has 2 Engines and 1 Ambulance Turnouts to Fires was 3661 Special Service Calls (Rescues /...
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    2/28/22 Boston MA 6th Alarm Box 6145

    Great info there Joe. I shall pass the info of Hoseman Malachi F. Reddington of Waterford down to Waterford Fire Service here. I'm sure they'd love to know about him Also best wishes and happy retirement to Chief Paul Carey who I follow on Facebook. He seems to have had a solid career and I...
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    Dennis Smith, RIP

    I'm embarrassed to say as a somewhat semi international FDNY buff for over 20yrs, having visited the firehouse in 2019 and heard about the book from alot of friends here that I've never read "Report from Engine Co 82". I don't even have a copy. That has changed now. I just ordered it RIP Ret...
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    New Chief of Department

    Seeing some very nice things being said about the Chief... I wish him a long and healthy retirement Any word on who will replace him as COD?
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    1/9/22 Bronx 5th Alarm 10-77 Box 3162

    Great job Sydney. Thanks for the effort in listening to the radio and putting that together
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    1/9/22 Bronx 5th Alarm 10-77 Box 3162

    RIP the victims and thoughts are with their families and fire crews
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    1/9/22 Bronx 5th Alarm 10-77 Box 3162

    Thanks for the rundown as always Brad