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  1. KickAssBlaster

    Visiting the City

    Shopping in the city on Black Friday? No Thanks!
  2. KickAssBlaster

    Visiting the City

    Great wedding pic! Try the "LION'S DEN" on 58th, great firehouse, home to 23 Engine.
  3. KickAssBlaster

    Ladder 8 Renovation

    This is a beautiful, old, historic building. Where will L-8 go while the house is being renovated?
  4. KickAssBlaster

    Remembering September 11, 2001

    Never forget...and to all current and retired FDNY FFs---Thank you all for your service to your city, and to our country. God bless America.
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    I went by Ladder 3 in Manhattan, they appeared to be re-located with Firehouse under renovation. Any idea where they're quartered? Thanks for responding in advance------Happy 2014!
  6. KickAssBlaster

    Some Firehouse 9/11 Memorials

    Just saw a real good one on the apparatus floor door at E-314 in east Queens. Nicely done. Saw the photos still up at E-65 in Midtown. Is this company relocated temporarily? They didn't seem to be in quarters all day.
  7. KickAssBlaster

    New Boston firehouse book

    Yeah, lemme e-mail Ron and find out. Great book, BTW.
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    New Boston firehouse book

    Does anyone know id there is a similar book on FDNY firehouses? Ron Bartash, ex-FDNY, wrote 2 books on FDNY firehouses. One was on Brooklyn, the second on Mahattan houses. They were softbound, 50-60 pages, color photos and addresses of each house, plus apparatus shots. I have both; they are...
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    Engine 31 in Manhatten

    "Stately Duane Manor", eh? Big house back then. Wasn't E-10 located there temporarily after 9-11?
  10. KickAssBlaster

    5-5-5-5 FDNY FF Paul Warhola

    RIP, FF Worhola.
  11. KickAssBlaster

    E 33 Funny Story

    I walked into E33/TL9 at The Bowery "U", Manhattan, one night, back in the late 90's. I wanted to see if they had any T-shirts for sale. There were about 3 or 4 guys sitting in Housewatch (to the left of the apparatus, looking in the firehouse) watching the Yanks-A's divisional playoff game. The...