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    UK firefighters to strike

    As entropy states, the 1977 strike lasted 9 weeks and the army were used as an interim service. The last national strike was 2002/3. This was also over pay. This strike was done in periods, so crews would strike for 48 hours at a time, sometimes less. Again, the army was used, with Green...
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    FDNY and bordering suburbs

    That is an old ladder that LFB had, from the 90's. They recently updated the aerial fleet across the brigade. They now have 11 32m/100ft turntable ladders and 3 64m/210ft ladders. Below is one of the 64m ones. The 32m's are the same make, just on a smaller chassis.
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    London Fire Brigade Declares Major Incident in Response to a Huge Surge in Fires with Record Heat

    Wasn't just London. 14 services across England declared major incidents due to the overwhelming number of calls being received and the scale of incidents these generated. My own service had every engine in use at one point, with the surrounding services so busy they could not spare anything for...
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    Rescue 1 video

    FDNY Rescue 1 Responding This is titled as Rescue 1 responding, but it's not the Rescue 1 I recognise.  Is it a spare rig or different rig they use sometimes?
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    06/07/10 Queens 6639 all hands

    Sorry, did not get any units other than Batt 54 command.  186-4 Chelsea Street for fire on rear exterior of a private dwelling.  10-75 went in and asked for extra engine and truck (to be tl). Then Batt 54 put in P/W/H, all hands, returned special units, 4th engine, fast truck, rac4 and div 13...