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  1. Haggerty

    1990 FDNY Ladder 49

    Went to a junk yard in Belchertown Ma today for some parts, as I pulled into the complex I saw the old 90's ladder 49 with pin stripe and all, it looks horrible now but when I went into the junk yard I asked who owned it and it was someone to do with the lumber yard and they told me the truck...
  2. Haggerty

    Online Order from FDNY 214/111

    About 3 weeks ago I placed an order on engine 214/111 trucks website, I haven't heard anything from this yet, ive sent an email to the address from the paypal order and their contact info, ive not heard anything since. After looking I saw their site hasn't been updated since 2011. Does anyone...
  3. Haggerty

    OOS High Pressure Engines

    If a HP engine goes OOS are there any spare HPs? Obviosuly many of the previous HPs were lost on 9/11 but not all, any of the old ones hanging around? Does the run card change at all if a HP is OOS?
  4. Haggerty

    Eng 16 TL 7 movie

    As a little kid i remember a movie that was centered around 16&7 it was a short little movie, i think it might of even been a kids movie, anyone remember the title or havea link to it? This was back when both 16&7 had the Mack CFs. Thanks
  5. Haggerty

    Chicago Fire Dept. Questions

    Thanks alot guys, i really appriciate the help everyone.
  6. Haggerty

    Chicago Fire Dept. Questions

    Wow i thought it was Engine 59 and 70's hosue, the two houses look like twins. Ok wow the MSA masks look very very wierd. And the term "otis" any idea about that?
  7. Haggerty

    Detroit Fire

    After all the recent budget cuts and company closing what is detroit down to for companies? I keep finding conflicting reports of a final count.
  8. Haggerty

    Chicago Fire Dept. Questions

    I know there are alot of mixed reviews about the new show, but its prompted a few questions from me. In the show one of the guys on the truck has been dubed "otis" and they say they call him otis because he is on elevators? Is this a real CFD thing? Can someone elobrate on this? Also the house...
  9. Haggerty

    Used helmets?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any local places to get used helmets or any place that would have them? Ive tried ebay and craigslist, wasnt sure if there were any other good places. Thanks
  10. Haggerty


    RIP Brothers. Is the building standing to this day?
  11. Haggerty

    Personal Flashlights

    I recently joined a local Vol. Dept and im starting to gather up my gear and such, i ran a few night time calls and realized not having a flashlight isnt to fun, and carrying a larger bulkier one isnt fun either. So i want to know what light do you carry, and why? Thanks for any help in advance.
  12. Haggerty

    Kitchen Fire Video

    Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum, wasn't sure. Today i was clip of Firehouse USA:Boston on youtube and they get a job for a small fire under the kitchen sink, things go as they should and the engine hits the fire under the sink with the line, at the time the flames are barley a ft...