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    News of Members

    Great show Capt!
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    Really Dan! Really!:p
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    5/4/24 Dekalb County GA Fire Rescue Members Burned
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    5/4/24 Dekalb County GA Fire Rescue Members Burned

    3 members of DCFR we burned early this am at a single family residential structure fire in the Stone Mountain area of the County. Engine 11's primary. Early reports are the fire extended from a fully involved attached garage into the house. Members were in the front door area of the house were...
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    Denton Texas FD. “Mean Green” pumper May 2023

    I have to say that is a good looking rig!
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    Nashville,TN Update On Fire Department(fully-staffed & 81 new fire trucks & ambulances)

    Depending on which way you are headed, I40, I24, I65 East West or North and South, it could add an hour just to go 20 miles.
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    Nashville,TN Update On Fire Department(fully-staffed & 81 new fire trucks & ambulances)

    Lip service, still no reserve apparatus and at a minimum 5 companies short in need. You have truck companies having to travel 5-8 miles in first due areas with 2nd due truck even farther. Traffic is horrendous at non peak times.
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    Work for a Mickey Mouse Fire Department

    I think there is recopricity issues.
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    4/24/23 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 4047

    Help only happens during election years!
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    For those that scream about discrimination, past, present and future, they sure find unique , new ways to discriminate?????????
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    The mayor is full of "Horse Hockey" regarding the perception that all is well within the FDNY. The more you erode leadership and the confidence in said leadership the weaken you become. I truly feel sorry for the city of New York and it Neutered Leadership.
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    Freeport Ny (Nassau) Boat Fire 4/26/23

    Looks like the owner needs to quit throwing cigarettes out the window!
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    Vancouver FD rejects electric vehicles option.

    Finally a FD with a healthy dose of common sense!
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    FDNY MEDAL DAY - 2023

    Congratulations to all! Well deserved.
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    Fair mount NY FD new rig April 2023

    Check your delivery date Tom!
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    A Zip Code change will divert your priorities, for sure!
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    Charts - Growing Impact of FDNY CFR Runs on Engine Companies

    When station is the busiest? I made a visit a few years back to one that seemed it may be the busiest. old house with four appliances?
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    Boston Orders 6 More Aerials. April 2023

    I really don't understand that Grump. There are some tight streets in different sections of BeanTown to where a tiller would be the preferred vehicle of choice?
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    4/13/23 Staten Island 2nd alarm box 4197

    Good to see those houses are located in other places beside the rural south!