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  1. vbcapt

    Helmet markings

    You also have the Company Officers decal at the top of the white front piece: 1 bugle, Engine Lieutenant 2 bugles, Engine Captain 1 axe, Ladder Lieutenant 2 axes, Ladder Captain 1 Lyle gun, Rescue Lieutenant 2 Lyle guns, Rescue Captain 1 crossed bugle/ladder, Squad Lieutenant 2 crossed...
  2. vbcapt

    3/14/23 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 1608

    Staten Island can use a few more of everything.....Engines , Trucks & Battalions
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    New Companies Organized

    On 3/19/23 at 0800, Engine 22 & Ladder 22 of the Va. Beach Fire Dept. will officially be in service. They will operate out of their new house at 1160 Tolliver Road
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    3/5/23 Bronx 5th Alarm Box 4794

    Unless I'm mistaken, the computer only went as high as the 5th . After that, the dispatchers had to manually put in the additional alarms. One of the dispatchers or FDNY members would know this better than me.
  5. vbcapt

    FDNY: Frequently Asked Questions

    Above 5 alarms exists. You can call for a 6th 7th etc.. The CAD goes up to 5th alarm and after that its put in manually, unless that has changed recently.
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    Someone or something did. The other problem is the Navy has a habit of scapegoating folks.....USS Cole, USS Indianapolis, USS Iowa are just a few where the Navy got it wrong.
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    MDT 65-2.

    Regarding Internet connected MDT's in general. Anyone out there having regular problems with their MDT's disconnecting regularly ? We had brand new ones installed and they disconnect almost daily just like our older ones.
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    8/20/22 Staten Island 3rd Alarm Alarm Box 4141

    you got that right Ray !
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    8/20/22 Staten Island 3rd Alarm Alarm Box 4141 Dept. has 21 Engines (Soon to be 22 Engines & 9 Ladders) & 8 Ladders, similar population to SI and we have 5 Battalions
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    8/20/22 Staten Island 3rd Alarm Alarm Box 4141

    Totally agree. I would also add that the span of control for 3 Battalions is too high....18 Engines & 12 ladders
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    8/20/22 Staten Island 3rd Alarm Alarm Box 4141

    Don't think Perth Amboy can provide much as small as they are. I believe they only have one firehouse now and they're not going to dump the whole City
  12. vbcapt

    New Chief of Department

    Extra One & One: The Deputies would be in the UFOA (Officers' Union), The Firefighters are in the UFA (Fire fighters Union).
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    Is the new Firecad system internet based or is it a closed system?
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    Who developed the new "FIRECAD" ?
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    New Members Brief

    Welcome everyone !
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    1/9/22 Bronx 5th Alarm 10-77 Box 3162

    Correct me if I'm wrong.....during regular working hours the Borough Commander responds on the 2nd and up ?
  17. vbcapt

    Battalion 5 organized

    Around July of 2017 Va. Beach will officially place the 5th Battalion in service. The last time a new Battalion had been organized was around 1986. In about 2 years or so Engine 22 will be organized and placed in service at a new firehouse.
  18. vbcapt

    Vehicle Repeaters

    Are they any vehicles in the FDNY that have radio repeaters installed on them ?