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    Firehouse Doors

    The Tin House in Brooklyn when built in 71 had electric overhead door openers. I would guess probably the Bronx Tin House was similar to Brooklyn with electric openers, other than Housewatch door on the other side. A lot easier than pulling a chain to close doors. Although once door came down...
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    Mayor Adams to cut all NYC agencies by 5%

    Back in 92 when I was a Marshal, I had a fire under the Manhattan bridge, on the Manhattan side. There were homeless people hanging out there and one guy had a refrigerator box that was his home. I asked why he was there and he said he loved it because nobody bothered him and he wasn't going to...
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    Mayor Adams to cut all NYC agencies by 5%

    A lot of us here went through the layoffs in the mid 70's when the City was on the verge of bankruptcy. The Fire Marshals are chopped first and then the Firefighters. When the layoffs hit, Co.s were closed because of manpower shortages. Military time kept some of us from being laid off. A guy in...
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    Mayor Adams to cut all NYC agencies by 5%

    Maybe tell the Dumbo president to close the border. But that's too smart for the dumbocrats.
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    FDNY fire marshals

    Yes the one that was victim was Ronnie Bucca, We were promoted together in April of 92. He was one of the first on scene to make it up to the 78th floor.
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    FDNY fire marshals

    The only problem with this is that when you interview a witness or anybody, you get their date of birth and social security number and as much important information about them as you may need, and it all goes in your memo book. It then went on your paper work that you submit for that particular...
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    08/20/2023 10-77 box 1691

    I had a fire in Rockaway with 3 people in the Hospital. After looking at the fire, nothing too suspicious, I preceded to the Hospital to do interviews. It was the Mom and 2 small children. When I asked the 5 year old how the fire started and he broke down and started to cry. It was sighted as a...
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    FDNY fire marshals

    The good thing about the Marshals in FDNY was that we had Police Powers because we were arresting Felons because of an Arson arrest, so we carried a piece and had handcuffs, which most people had no idea of the power we had. When we made our investigation we just said Fire Dept. and Firemen...
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    FDNY fire marshals

    The Fire marshal usually determines the cause of the fire, be it arson or accidental, so we pretty much do all the work and the P.D. rides on our coattails. We share info with them, but we are the main investigators. If fire is arson we fill out a complaint form at the local precinct to indicate...
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    FDNY fire marshals

    A few of the private sector investigators are former FDNY Fire Marshal's here in NY. When I retired from the FM's office I worked for a while in the private sector, but came to the conclusion it wasn't for me. I didn't like someone making a call on the origin and I come up with the real cause...
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    Los Angeles: Major Power Outage and Evacuation at Hospital 8/22/23

    You people have to stop plugging in your Tesla's.
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    8/13/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 0776

    When we moved up to Rockaway Ave. & Chauncey St. we made a big impact on 111 and 112 response area. We now had more Bed Stuy and closer to Bushwick. Broadway was still undeveloped as a result of the 77 blackout and at night was a breeze responding on it. I've been there recently and responding...
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    8/13/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 0776

    We were still in the Tin House when we got a run on Reid Ave., don't remember cross street but traffic was light and we were making good time. We kept heading west when somebody gave a 10-92 for the box we were responding to. It seems like they never told us it wasn't Reid anymore but Malcom x...
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    Threats, Beatings, Extortion: The Violent World of Fire-Truck Chasers

    The only threats I used to hear was somebody on the fire floor yell to the Engine get in there you cowards.
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    7/28/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 0822

    When we were in the Tin House we only went on 1 820 box and that was Evergreen & Halsey and that was 820 box. We did go on a lot of 800 boxes but our real meat was the 1600 boxes in Brownsville.
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    Maybe some people can land in OZ.
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    7-13-77...THE BLACKOUT.

    That was a time My Family traveled out west and it wasn't a sewar like today. My last trip out west was 1992 and it was still a nice place to live. Back in 77, I stopped at a Firehouse in the Anaheim area to compare notes. Houses out there were about $75,000 and here out east about 60,000. Most...
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    FDNY fire marshals

    We do get called to criminal court a lot more than civil court because of the criminal act of arson. We have to describe the evidence we found regarding the cause and origin of the fire. We gather evidence if there was a flammable liquid pour and bring it to the P.D. laboratory that analyses the...
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    As a FF during the war years it seemed like some fires were a learning lesson for something we had never experienced before. We had the waldbaum's fire that had a dome roof that failed, we had row frame fires in Bushwick were we had to go to exposure 2b or 2c to check for extension in the...
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    And they want us to drive around in those ticking time bombs. I drove from L.I. to Mill basin today and spent almost 4 hours behind the wheel. The amount of traffic was insane and both ways, east & west. How do they expect to ever charge those thousands of cars. The other stupid thing is the...