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    Frequently Asked Question

    Thanks for the quick response.
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    Frequently Asked Question

    Curious but why does the age of an apparatus have an effect on relocating. Thanx for the post.
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    Boston has a unit that does nothing but med runs, usually OD calls, to take the pressure off companies. People knowingly take these drugs knowing that a jolt of NARCAN, and a free one at that, is usually available. You took the steps to become addicted, diabetics did not yet they must pay for...
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    Chelsea MA Third alarm

    Chelsea has a third alarm at Box 25 for a fire at 238 Everett Street, the Acapulco Restaurant.
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    SOC Support Trucks

    Gonna have to get out the ops reference guide to make some changes, thanx.
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    Mayor Adams to cut all NYC agencies by 5%

    Does this mean that programs that help vets who are homeless, sleeping on heating grates and eating out of dumpsters will be impacted but those who broke the law by entering this country illegally will be taken care of? If so this is pure bullshit!
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    New FDNY Tillers

    Boston mated a 1969 Diamond Reo tractor to a 1944 ALF 100' trailer. This was a monstrous-looking apparatus.
  8. BFD L-18 Reo.jpg

    BFD L-18 Reo.jpg

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    FDNY Hawaiian Wear on Ebay

    This was also done with Normal Illinois FD without their knowledge. Dropped a dime on them and they went away!
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    9/4/23 Queens 5th Alarm Box 9302

    Curious as to who carries the Hydro pumps, Super Pumper 1 or an attached unit?
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    I suppose Fire Replicas is happy that now it has seen service in some form.
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    Pardon my ignorance but what are the Hydro Pumps? TY.
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    3 aerials raised in the background, typical BFD ladderwork.
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    Now the fourth, you do a good job. C-7 reports primary and secondary searches negative, fire in all 3 buildings knocked down, extensive over-hauling @ 16:11.
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    Upgraded to the third, you can continue the posts.
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    Fire location is 37 Holiday Street, 2 3 story and a 2.5 story, heavy fire showing, second alarm on arrival by L-7/D-7.
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    New FDNY Tillers

    Cicero T-2 56ALF/52 85' Seagrave still running in the early 80's
  18. Cicero truck 2-1.jpg

    Cicero truck 2-1.jpg

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    New FDNY Tillers

    In 1937 Cicero Illinois purchased a ALF 400 series tractor to replace a worn out unit. In 1952 they purchased a 85' metal Seagrave aerial trailer and hooked it up to the 400 tractor, in 1956 they purchased a ALF 700 series tractor to replace the 400 unit. This combo lasted until the early 80's...
  20. CFD T-32 TDA-officer.jpeg

    CFD T-32 TDA-officer.jpeg