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    Resorce Unit Leader

    I am looking for the FDNY manual or SOP/SOG for the Resurce Unit Leader function, if any one can help thank you in advance
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    Rescue-1 boat

    Ive seen pictures of Rescue-1 with a boat on top, how much does it weigh? and how do they get it down when they need it?
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    Ferarra awarded ladder contract?

    There's a rumor on the forums that Ferarra was awarded the contract for 30 ladders
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    Duty uniforms

    What material is FDNY's duty wear? What company do they use?
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    ICS forms

    Does FDNY use these at greater alarms? or do they have there own version?
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    48 hours, rescue 1

    does anyone know where I can get a copy of the episode that featured rescue 1? I beleive it was called "a company of heros"
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    yellow helmets

    I was looking at the pictures from the recent 6th alarm in Queens and noticed that some of the battalion chiefs had yellow helmets, I thought yellow in FDNY was for the defunct auxiliaries
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    duty uniforms

    what brand does FDNY use for there duty uniforms? Do the Rescue companies use the same type as the Engine & Ladder companies? What color are the officer issued and what color are the Firefighters issued?
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    My Dept has a TFT Crossfire prepiped deck gun with a fog and stack tips, does this qualify as a Multiversal?