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    Tech rescue on board USS Constitution-Boston,injured%20sailor%20off%20the%20Constitution%20on%20a%20stretcher.
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    Kittery, ME 5th Alarm

    The Days Inn on the Rt. 1 Bypass is at a 5th alarm. Initial fire has jumped the road causing an additional building, and multiple brush fires. A tanker shuttle has been established to supplement the hydrant system...
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    Cambridge MA church fire

    Here's the Cambridge mutual aid run card. At the 5th Alarm, they have 15 cities from the greater Boston area at work or cover asignments. C1 has assumed command and transmitted the 6th Alarm at 1948
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    Train cars used for Haz-Mat training, I wonder if they are still in use? Have you ever seen this train car or been inside it?

    DuPont had three cars, a boxcar, a tankcar, and a caboose that they would bring for hazmat team training. I attended twice in NH. The boxcar was setup as a classroom with valves and cutaways. The tankcar had several top and bottom arrangements. The car numbers are DUPX 912A, DUPX 912B, and...
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    The state of Volunteer Fire Companies

    One other thing we do is make things work. When we take cuts, we make some noise and answer the next call. Another cut...respond, provide service, back to quarters. It's simply what we as firefighters do, we love the job, so we get it done.
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    Fire Department Provided Ambulance Service

    I'm the chief in a small (45 memebers, 2 stations) career department in the New Hampshire Seacoast. We operate paramedic transport service staffed by firefighters. All our firefighters rotate through shifts on the ambulance, engine and ladder. Many of the career FDs in this part of NH...
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    Salisbury MA 9 alarm fire 1-17

    Long night, just about everone on this run card was there. Tough job with 50-70 mile wind off the ocean; strong work by the early companies keeping it from jumping the street.
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    First due All Hands Statistics 2021

    Nice rundown, thanks for putting in the work. Happy New Year all and stay safe.
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    Temporary Relocations

    Will they rebuild on the same site?
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    7/30/21 Brooklyn Collapse Box 1046

    Was a 10-60 transmitted for this incident?
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    First Due A/H Statistics & Rankings - 2020 & 2019

    Nice work, thanks for sharing.
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    Operations in coastal flooding

    I am looking for some information on operations in coastal flooding.  I am particularly interested in how FDNY responds with apparatus on flooded roadways.  I am sure their experience after Sandy caused some changes in this area.  I would like to get in touch with the chief in charge of this...