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    11/30/23 Bronx *10-75* Box 3516

    2955 Grand Concourse
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    Rest in peace, Monsignor.
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    5-5-5-5 EMT Frederick Whiteside 11/17/2023

    Rest in peace, Brother.
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    11/20/23 Queens 10-75 Box 1092

    No engine relocated to The Big House?
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    E88/L38 and the old Bx CO may become historic landmarks

    I know the listing is not complete, but concerning the Parfitt Brothers houses I would add the old Ladder 123. It's very similar to Engine 220 and Engine 269, and it's got the same Maltese Cross on top with the old Brooklyn numbers at that time 120, 169, and 73 for L-123. The hook and ladder and...
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    11/15/23 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 1094

    Here's a Google Maps link...
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    11/15/23 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 1094
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    11/14/23 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 812

    Now I get it. The poster was E812.
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    11/14/23 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 812

    Box 812 is Wilson Avenue and Weirfield Street. I don't know Squad 252's home box but I would doubt that it's 812.
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    11/13/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1056

    All companies in Battalion 38 on the first alarm but Battalion 38 not assigned at all.
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    11/12/2023 Brooklyn 3rd Alarm Box 0920

    Unless things have changed, two DCs are designated Car 421 and Car 422. They work in their division unless activated due to simultaneous major incidents. I presume one may be activated for the balance of a tour should the CWTC become unavailable. Feel free to correct or elaborate.
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    FDNY 5-5-5-5. FF Moon R2 LODD

    A great story.
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    Where would you put 3 Additional Ladder companies.

    Wouldn't Ladder 2 be first-due there? Wouldn't Engine 8 be second-due after Engine 65 or at worst third-due after Engine 21?
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    S Something fishy about that frontpiece. The axe blade should be on the left (the wearer's right, just like on a uniform cap). I have a feeling it was made up to look like an FDNY frontpiece.
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    Last NEW added house

    I heard the 51 did not want to move back because of the el.
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    11/2/23 Manhattan 10-77 2nd Alarm Box 616

    The Hotel Chelsea.
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    FDNY Firefighter Open Competitive/ Promotional Exams

    "...After promotion, you will be required to possess, as a minimum, a Certified First Responder Certification with Defibrillation (CFR-D), which must be maintained for the duration of employment." I know some captains who wanted to maintain their CFR-D certification upon promotion to B.C. and...
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    10/31/23 Bronx 10-75 Box 3535

    But they moved a few blocks south, right? A few blocks can make a world of difference.
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    Last NEW added house

    Based on B-59's establishment, long after B-28's, B-51 relocated east. When the 59 was disbanded, the 51 should have been moved back.
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    10-26-62...MASPETH FIRE 6 LODDs.

    Rest in peace, Brothers.