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  1. Parkave32

    Mt.Juliet,TN Apartment Complex Fire (1 firefighter in critical condition) 8/12/2023

    Update on the Firefighter: as of yesterday he was transferred ftom ICU to burn unit. He is off the vent and walking and talking.
  2. Parkave32

    Mt.Juliet,TN Apartment Complex Fire (1 firefighter in critical condition) 8/12/2023

    Late news reports say Firefighter is expected to be ok. I will post more when I hear. Response to fire was Mt Juliet, E1, E3 Tower 1, L2 squad 2, medic1 and WEMA E3, E4 Medic 3 Medic4 and Rehab23. 1 Tower and 1 ladder pipe and several handlines.
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    Happy Birthday tbendick

    Happy Birthday Tom, enjoy
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    7/20/23 Manhattan All Hands Box 1406

    I believe it is 116th street
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    News of Members

    Happy Birthday , John
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    Lebanon, Wilson County TN. Structure Fire.

    Approx 03:20 810 Woodland Drive. 1 brick 40x20 heavy fire exp 2 side and throughout attic. Lebanon Engs 1,2 and 3 Rescue12, Wema medic 1 and Rehab 23. 3 lines operated. Heavy clutter. Under control 05:00.
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    It’s That Time Of Year

    Bronx Bn 20 64/47
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    Old Hickory,Wilson County TN.

    305 Blue Ridge Dr. 1 story 20x40 split level. Heavy Fire lower level 3 LSO. Units WEMA Eng 3,4 Mt Juliet Sq103,WEMA Medic 3,4 Rehab23.
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    News of Members

    Thank you Mack for the birthday wishes
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    Matanzas,Cuba Oil Tank Farm Fire 8/6/2022

    I was thinking about the presentation. Do you know if they have any industrial pumpers in Cuba ?
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    6/8/22 Queens 10-75 Box 4468

    Probably TL 41 act TL 144
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    News of Members

    Happy Birthday Frank enjoy
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    Happy Birthday John enjoy
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    2/21/22 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 4329

    The squad is listed as the last engine on the 5th alarm on every card
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    BC Steve Elliott ACFD - Retiring

    Congratulations Steve on your retirement. Enjoy.
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    First due All Hands Statistics 2021

    Eng 89 is missing in both 2020 and 2021
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    First Job of 2022 Predictions

    Bn 18
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    Goteborg, Sweden Apt. Explosion 09/28/21

    My brother, who is staying with me this week, has a friend who lives in Gothenberg, he was speaking with him this morning and the follow up on this is a 55 year old man who was supposed to be evicted as of today blew up the apt rather than face the eviction.