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    11/23/2023 Box 8380 Haz Mat

    Could be. I saw it on FB an hour after they posted it.
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    11/23/2023 Box 8380 Haz Mat

    Thank you. Firewire didn't list units. Just Hazmat.
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    11/23/2023 Box 8380 Haz Mat

    Per NYC Firewire Fb page at aprox 1300 FDNY Training Academy. HazMat on scene at the Rock burning off propane from a leaking tank.
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    Polk County Firefighter Brian Herr was killed in a single vehicle crash while on his way to work. He was hired in March of 23 after moving from Chicago.
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    Brooklyn *PED STRUCK BY TRAIN* Box 7121

    Google translate got him again. Pretty sure it's the Safety Battalion.
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    Firefighter injured while laying supply line

    Apparently, she was standing at the hydrant, while the engine was laying supply line for a fire, when the hose stuck on the engine pulling the hydrant clear.
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    10/29/23 Queens All Hands Box 6032

    There listed as 3rd due.
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    Lauderhill FD Fl. fire in truck bay

    Didn't realize I had the address wrong. Though I think its funny the news story said hanger. Not only is it spelled wrong, it's the wrong use.
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    Lauderhill FD Fl. fire in truck bay

    Apparently one of Lauderhills engines caught fire in the truck bay.
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    I've had to.draft several times here in Fl, and was lucky enough to learn from one of the Counties instructors at fires. Using the barrel strainer, as an example, of its close enough to the bottom of the canal, river etc, could potentially suck up mud or sand or both which is worse then the...
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    To change a pump from 1 gpm to a different gpm doesn't cost that much if anything when building. When we speced our new engines I was talking to our sales rep. In most cases, the pump housing itself is the same between given gpms. But it goes in blocks. I forget the exact numbers off hand but...
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    ORANGE COUNTY Fatal Bus Accident - 09/21/23

    This was my friend's kids school. He said when the busses returned home, the press was waiting for them and they had to shield the kids from the publicity.
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    The Super Pumper is based off a industrial fire apparatus for oil refineries etc. Every manufacturer makes some type of variant. Typically they are 5000 gpm pumps and higher, and multiple monitors to deliver the water. The tanks are usually foam based, and more then 1 type. When I did a pre con...
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    New FDNY Tillers

    173s house can accommodate a tiller. Back in the 90s, when they got there last tiller, there was a sign that said no reammounts or towerladders allowed on the floor for relocation because it was sagging and only supported for a tiller. The sign was on both sides of the bay door. The floor was...
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    8/24/23 Queens All Hands Box 1718

    Judging by their fb post, one of the engines may have been there also. It shows 7 members responding. Including their chief.
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    8/24/23 Queens All Hands Box 1718

    I used to volunteer with them. Pretty much from the Belt south to 165 Avenue, and the Cross Bay Bridge. And from 78th street to 104th street. They also respond on the Belt between used to be Pennsylvania Ave though that may have changed with the new exits before it, to Lefferts, and the South...
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    Marine 9 "Firefighter"turns 85

    The previous Marine 9, which was replaced by the Firefighter II, turns 85
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    Orange County,FL 2 Alarm Church Fire 8/22/2023
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    Orange County,FL 2 Alarm Church Fire 8/22/2023

    Fire also.had a mayday. Ff was disoriented and was found and removed with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Here's a first hand account from St 30 that was first due. 2nd alarm in 30s first due for B shift. E30 spotted the smoke while returning from another alarm and called a still alarm for the...
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    8/7/23 Queens All Hands Box 1675

    Getting hard keeping up with the different changes. My grandparents owned 162-42 95th street until 1994ish when they moved to Florida. I dont know how many times I passed that house coming from my grandparents house going home to 160 Ave and 101 Street. Did M9 take a Alpha or Bravo boat...