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    11/29/23 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 2773

    I don’t know. The relocations into Brooklyn don’t seem like best idea. 81 to 109 into job on face doesn’t seem too bad. But what happens if job comes in south/midland beach areas? Some Of those 85 and 81 boxes together are long runs. And 86 to 172 into job? Good part of 86 response area is...
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    11/26/23 Staten Island 10-75 Box 0678

    E-160 had training at around time of this job.
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    11/15/23 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 1094

    Really good view of that building on exposure 2 on 19402 nyc site. Crazy elevation drop next to building. Guess putting train station in at time
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    10-26-62...MASPETH FIRE 6 LODDs.

    Rest In Peace
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    10/29/23 Bronx 10-75 Box 4831

    Thanks for posting at 3 AM!!
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    9/16/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2606 (Delayed)

    105 would have been at this box? Where was 114?
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    Chicago Fire Lieutenant LODD

    Rest In Peace
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    8/26/23 Bronx All Hands Box 8881

    If no hydrants to hook up to engines have had to run water brigade to nearest hydrants. 1st engine dumps booster if not fully extinguished 2nd engine moves up uses their booster water as 1st engine finds hydrant to refill booster, etc… And companies to block traffic
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    8/15/2023 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2965

    Think 276 had medicals
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    Wow Just an incredible career and life. Thank you for all you’ve done Dr. Hauer. Rest In Peace
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    FDNY assistance to Canada

    Like most large forest fires they go out when weather turns in their favor like high humidity, rain or wind shifts or there’s nothing left to burn. While Staten Island has some large pockets of wooded areas still l, most major brush fires were concentrated in the Gateway Park area off hylan...
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    7/15/23 Bronx All Hands Box 3576

    Great story!!
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    LODD for 2 Newark NJ firefighters. RIP

    Rest In Peace
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    Newark, NJ 7/5/23 Ship Fire

    Rest In Peace. Prayers for all involved
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    LODD Paris, France

    Same things will happen here. People can’t mass migrate across the continents without someone with very deep pockets funding it. And they’re only mass migrating to western Democratic countries
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    Congratulations!! Enjoy retirement