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  1. LaurenSkye

    Douglas County, CO barn fire spreads to grass, threatens house 12/4/23 Additional Information from South Metro Fire on Facebook
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    Middletown, OH (Butler Co.) two firefighters injured in house fire 12/3/23

    Two firefighters suffered minor injuries when the floor of a house collapsed during a fire Sunday.
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    Los Angeles fatal greater alarm house fire 12/3/23

    One person was killed in a house fire in Los Angeles Sunday. Weapons were being held in the home and ammunition was firing as a result of the heat.
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    Martin County, KY: Two children killed in house fire 12/1/23

    My bad. Thanks for correcting me.
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    Martin County, KY: Two children killed in house fire 12/1/23

    Two children ages 1 and 4 were killed in a house fire in a rural part of Eastern Kentucky.
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    Dearborn County, IN house fire 11/29/23

    A fire destroyed a house in Southeast Indiana Wednesday. First Due: Bright Fire District Mutual Aid from Dearborn County: Greendale, Lawrenceburg, Aurora Mutual Aid from Hamilton County, Ohio: Whitewater Twp...
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    Hillsboro, OH 3 killed in explosion and fire at auto shop 11/28/23
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    11/23/23 Brookfield, OH fire kills 17 dogs including active and retired police dogs

    17 dogs were killed in a Thanksgiving Day house fire in Northeast Ohio. The house belonged to a K9 trainer and his family.
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    Los Angeles, Ca Multiple Alarm 11/28/23

    Official reports from LAFD:
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    Cincinnati neighborhood grocery store fire intentionally set 11/26/23

    A fire at a neighborhood grocery store Sunday night was determined to be intentionally set...
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    Cincinnati, OH three rescued from house fire 11/24/23

    Three people were rescued by ladder from a house fire in Cincinnati Friday.
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    Columbus, OH 2-Alarm Oil Refinery Fire 11/21/23
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    Cincinnati 2-Alarm Apartment Building Fire possible arson 11/15/23

    A 2-Alarm fire in Cincinnati is being investigated as possible arson after residents say they saw someone setting the fire. 1st Alarm: Engine 20, Engine 51, Engine 38, Engine 12, Ladder 20, Ladder 19, Ladder...
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    Lake City, SC (Florence Co.) Recycling Plant Fire 11/14/23
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    Los Angeles,CA Two Wooden Pallet Yards Catch Fire 11/11/2023

    Here's real-time audio from the fire (as well as other LAFD dispatch audio). I'm unable to determine when or if the initial dispatch (E17 for a rubbish fire) comes over this, but Engine 17 arrives on scene shortly after the 2:04:00 mark, so start there.
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    Franklin, OH K-9 killed in crash 11/11/23

    A police dog from the Franklin, OH police department was killed and the two officers were injured in a crash Saturday morning.
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    Raleigh, NC major fire in former motel 11/10/23

    A number of crews from Raleigh Fire Department responded to a fire in a former motel in the overnight hours Additional information from Legeros Fire Line on Facebook
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    Cincinnati-two apartment building fires 11/5/23

    Two apartment buildings a short distance apart from each other in Cincinnati's Westwood neighborhood caught fire early Sunday morning...
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    Independence,KY 2 Alarm House Fire 11//5/2023

    Here's an article with scene video and more photos...
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    Burlington, NC Six Firefighters injured in building collapse 10/28/23

    Six firefighters in North Carolina were injured by a building collapse after trying to rescue a man having a medical emergency from the roof of the building. The firefighters injuries are believed to not be life threatening. The man who they were called to rescue was already in cardiac arrest...