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    1/26/24 Bronx 10-77 Box 4495

    How about 2?.L39 is near the tip of the East Bronx. You need one in the North Bronx and one in the South Bronx
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    1/20/24 Manhattan All Hands Box 1473

    Address corrected must be 1315 1350 is a 4 story building
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    1/19/24 Bronx All Hands Box 3523

    84 to 62.Long trek crosstown
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    RIGs in Procurement or Solicitation

    Also E40 L35 with the same setup. They should do it for E35L14.Since they tore down the Pathmark and luxury housing will be built atop or around their current firehouse
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    New Seagraves

    Wow. Talk about defective products. Where's the craftsmanship.
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    First multiple of the year.

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    RIGs in Procurement or Solicitation

    If the remodeled Engine 63's to accommodate Ladder 39 it can be done. No movement of Engine 63 needed
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    Oldest Spare Squad

    Squad 18 is also using a spare engine
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    12/29/2023 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 4905

    Even in thier old quarters on 183rd and Jerome,it would difficult a 95 footer under el
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    FDNY Fire Apparatus Deliveries - 2023

    Is there a list of incoming tillers for 2024?
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    12/30/23 Bronx 10-75 Box 3147

    What's WRU?
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    12/21/23 Manhattan All Hands Box 1474

    Forget the last post. Was referring to the McDonald's fire
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    12/21/23 Manhattan All Hands Box 1474

    430 wasn't the correct address
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    12/11/23 Bronx 10-60 Collapse Box 4785

    Squad 41 61 2nd pieces are in the rund
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    11/30/23 Manhattan 3rd Alarm Box 1231

    What rm is that?
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    2001 Seagrave Spare Ladder

    Do you have the make and model #?
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    If you could, what disbanded Compaines would you bring back?

    Well Engine 36 former quarters were sold and are now home to However, you can re-establish it with Engine 91 and add a ladder to boot. East Harlem is growing and the 2nd Ave subway is...
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    Where would you put 3 Additional Ladder companies.

    @ Engine 91/L43 was moved in with E53 in East Harlem back in the day. East Harlem is a booming area with the 2nd Ave subway being extended. Another ladder could go in with E91
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    Oh, thanks for the clarification
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    Shops has to add the LaCasa Elfante sign to the ladder