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  1. FDNY704

    2/23/24 Manhattan 2nd Alarm Box 1647

    Any videos of the rescues?
  2. FDNY704

    2/15/24 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 4767

    At 8:22 does anyone know the strap they use for the Saw for carrying it?
  3. FDNY704

    Snowflake 1

    Is that a video before the painted or wrapped the black compartments?
  4. FDNY704

    Winter Storm Lorraine 2/12-13/24

    Why TAC 2 OOS?
  5. FDNY704

    New Battalions

    Who are they for? Why does the grill not have slats in it for air flow and also why the white around the head lights?
  6. FDNY704

    Temporary Relocations

    What companies are going here?
  7. FDNY704

    Chicago 3-11

    Does anyone know the run down for this 3-11? Or how there box assignments go?
  8. FDNY704

    Rockford, IL K-9 01/28/24

  9. FDNY704

    Joe Esposito Dies at Age 73

  10. FDNY704

    1/10/24 Bronx Collapse Box 2911

    No 44 Truck?
  11. FDNY704

    1/1/2024 Manhattan MCI 0706

    Any have a picture of the building and were is it?
  12. FDNY704

    RIGs in Procurement or Solicitation

    What about the Hi Rise Units?
  13. FDNY704

    12/31/23 Bronx 3rd Alarm Box 2899

    No 44 Truck?
  14. FDNY704

    Collapse Rescue

    How about the Hi-Rises being replaced?
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    12/20/23 Queens 5th Alarm Box 7254

    Yes do you know the name of the Chief Dispatcher?
  17. FDNY704

    12/20/23 Queens 5th Alarm Box 7254

    Who is Car 16J?