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    "FIRESTORM" book.

    I got this a couple days ago and got to look through it. Beautiful work and probably the best FDNY book I have. My uncle Mike was a War Years FF and I grew up in the late '60s-'70s so it has alot of memories for me. I remember my parents taking me to E165 way back in the early '70s when I lived...
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    Nassau County Executive wants to deputize select gun owners

    I use the US Law Shield. It cost me a small amount for the piece of mind having lawyers to contact in a situation. If I'm in a real jam its Evan Nappen. I live in NJ so even coming face to face with someone in my own house I'll have to defend myself for taking them out. Castle doctrine or not...
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    Fire Alarm Box History

    I was surprised to read there are still that many false alarms. I know its way down from the War Years but I guess there's still alot of a-holes around.
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    "FIRESTORM" book.

    I finally ordered a copy today it looks great. I have some of Jack's other books this should be even better.
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    Back Step Riding

    Wasn't there an incident in the '80s? where a FF fell off the back step on a turn and was killed? I'm not sure if it was the FDNY.
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    5/2/24 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 2967

    My work location is on 71st around 16th av. We were getting a heavy smell of smoke in and around the building around 3pm I assume from this fire. Strange because the fire at Box 2865 last week was only a few blocks away and it wasn't near as much.
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    4/23/24 Brooklyn 4th Alarm Box 2865

    I work a few blocks away on 71st and I went out to take a look. They had their hands full there but a great job of keeping it just to those 2 buildings. Not easy streets to work on.
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    4/7/24 Brooklyn All Hands Box 0484

    Very true. I worked North Brooklyn for 25 years and the Heights was part of my turf. My job required me going into the premise so I saw MANY of the interiors and some were really impressive. You did have to watch yourself because as you said they wouldn't hesitate to call with customer...
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    Mayor appoints herself Fire Chief

    What could possibly go wrong there? :unsure:
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    NYSP NYC Troop

    They're on the VZ every day. Also doing truck inspections on the SI side.
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    FDNY Lt Arrested on EMS Run

    NY Post clowns. What does the guy's salary have to do with it? Another way to put the public against people for what they make.
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    1/27/24 Staten Island All Hands Box 3816

    My sister lives a couple blocks away. Nice having 162/82 close by.
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    1/11/24 Brooklyn Box 1668 - Riot [!]

    Rough spot. Years ago when our guys got dispatched there it was a 4 man area.
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    1/5/24 Elizabeth NJ 4th Alarm

    Reminds me of the Brooklyn Terminal Market fire.
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    1/1/24 Staten Island All Hands Box 0560

    What a shame. Terrible, Rest In Peace.
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    12/31/23 Brooklyn 10-77 Box 174

    Hopefully the child is ok. 🙏
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    Encryption of public safety frequencies growing nationwide

    Here's another side to it, sometimes a missing person report is broadcast in NYC for example. The description is given and it goes out over the radio and someone monitoring it in the area may see something. Being that cops, fire or EMS can't be everywhere a citizen may help save someone who may...
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    FDNY Houses scanned from the Ron Mattes Archive

    Very nice. I worked in there years ago.
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    12/14/23 Staten Island All Hands Box 2926

    Good job by the city putting their own employees in danger with this electric or hybrid garbage. Imagine this being in your garage or next to your home.