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    Armed Forces Day 2024

    When you were at Lackland, you must have seen "my pal" Bongo Joe playing down on the San Antonio River near the Circus Museum...
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    Armed Forces Day 2024

    Students not protesting. The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band
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    Houston Storm Spring training- two a weeks. Hurricane season starts June first.
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    Houston Storm

    Another world class thunderstorm just went through Houston. It tore down high voltage power lines from towers and landed across twelve lanes of freeway. HFD Rescue 11 cut them all with the gas saws and dragged them off. Traffic backed up for miles. For a while, you called 911 for the house fire...
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    Gus was certainly an Old School buff. You will learn why Ladder 24's quarters in Herald Square was buff central. The chapters on Iron Men and Hell's Hundred Acres are indispensable. In 1977, the list price was $9.95.
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    Nassau County Executive wants to deputize select gun owners

    I thought that Nassau County was the FDNY farm team (Triple A or no?).
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    NYC Fire Museum Closed

    At one time didn't Engine 30 have three sections?
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    What are the odds?

    Nothing said about the electrical system. Looked like the buckle was about 3' by 4'. I assume the electrical systems would have both surge and arrester protection and that the runway rebar was grounded. I thought they would have had lightning rods across the field. It's a wide, flat space and...
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    Nassau County Executive wants to deputize select gun owners

    Things are a little different around here. On the radio you can hear ads for in-door shooting ranges with lunch hour specials or new and improved concealed carry holsters. My personal favorite is Texas Law Shield. They provide legal representation after the gun smoke clears. Their motto: "Better...
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    What are the odds? A severe thunderstorm went through here a couple of hours ago. Lightening hit William P. Hobby Airport in southeast Houston at the exact intersection of Runway 13R (the...
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    With a short stroll north past Elfreth's Alley to 147 North 2nd Street, you can visit Firemen's Hall- home of the Philadelphia Fire Department Museum and old quarters of Engine Company 8 (historically Ben Franklin's old company).
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    Fire Alarm Box History

    They should have said that FDNY alarm equipment was not GI.........Gamewell Issued.
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    LA County Fire Station destroyed by fire

    I don't think this is what they had in mind.
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    5/7/24 Philadelphia PA Box 2851

    Row houses originated in the Low Countries of Northern Europe. English aristocrats hiding there during the civil turmoil of the 1600's brought the design back to Britain. From there the concept found its' way to the Colonies- especially Philadelphia and Baltimore. The design allows variation in...
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    LA County Fire Station destroyed by fire

    Remember, politicians do not have a required minimal standard of truthfulness. I doubt she had her hand on a Bible when that popped out of her mouth.
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    In his report in the Seventh Division News, Chief Jonas stated that the lack of anti-chafing gear was not the cause of rope failure, but was an urban myth.
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    Firefighters Locked Out

    In a contract dispute, Boeing Corporation has locked out 130 IAFF local members at some factory facilities in Washington State. Starting pay is $52,000/year and average pay is $91,000/year. They average 225 runs per month. The union states that wages are well below neighboring municipalities...
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    5/2/24 I-95 in Norwalk, Ct completely closed down

    Is it true that I-95 overpasses attract burning fuel trucks like trailer parks attract tornados?
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    College Station TX FD gets new Pierce Engine May 2024

    The ghost of old Leon Martin is everywhere.
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    Trump visits the members of E8 & L2 today.

    On the video, looks like he signs the book....RFD