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    1/14/21 Bronx 10-75 Box 3615

    Just down the street from the fire on 12/21?
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    Buffalo NY - 3 Alarm Fire - 3/31/17 - 230 Jewett Ave

    Buffalo Fire Department called out to structure fire at 230 Jewett Avenue at 0430. Units arriving on the scene reported two houses fully involved, two exposure houses also involved. Fully involved houses collapsed during operations. Fire eventually went to three alarms. Seven people are...
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    Mysterious Explosion

    There were many, many reports about a mysterious explosion that occurred somewhere near the Tioga Center, Pennsylvania region.  Emergency units were sent out to look around the area but nothing was found.  Apparently the explosion shook houses in the area.  Unknown at this time what it might...
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    Buffalo NY - 5-6-16 - 2-Alarm Fire 378 Moselle St. (melts firefighter Airpak) From the Buffalo News:  "Firefighter Tom O?Leary found the unconscious woman in a second-floor bedroom, and firefighters carried her down the stairs. Once they...
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    4/29/16: Buffalo NY 2-Alarm Fire w/Mayday

    Buffalo NY - 267 Hazelwood Ave. - 2 alarm fire in a 2 1/2 story house that spread to houses on the #2 and #4 exposures.  Mayday called due to a missing firefighter and all fire operations were halted.  Firefighter was found and operations continued.  As of the one hour mark at 0430 the fire was...
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    Bomb Blasts in Brussels

    Apparently four bombs went off in Brussels, Belgium this morning - CNN saying that 23 are dead - many more injured - bombs went off at the Brussels Airport and the Brussels Metro Station - that's all I've heard as of right now.
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    Johnson City, NY - Parking Garage Collapse 7/16/15

    The upper level of a two story parking garage collapsed into the lower level at Wilson Memorial Hospital in Johnson City NY at 3:15 PM today.  No deaths were reported, although search dogs were brought in to check the wreckage.  About twenty cars were affected by the collapse.  A state of...
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    5/22/15 Manhattan 10-75 Box 0825

    Heard the 10-75 from Battalion 8.  Building is between 2nd and 3rd but did not catch the address. Possibly: E8, E65, E21, E54 L2, L4, L16Fast B-6 Squad 18 Rescue 1 Division 3 Again, this is just guesswork based upon proximity.  Feel free to correct any errors, thanks!!
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    Binghamton, NY - Brush Fires

    More than a dozen Broome County Fire Companies fought a stubborn brush fire yesterday for almost nine hours in Hillcrest, NY, a suburb of Binghamton.  The fire started as several small fires actually ignited by a fire on a passing Canadian Pacific train.  The fire was difficult to fight because...
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    Buffalo, NY - 2nd Alarm High-Rise Fire - Temp. -7

    Buffalo Fire Department fighting a high-rise fire in Main Place Building.  First Alarm called out at 0511, with flames showing from three windows on the 15th floor. Elevators not operational, firefighters had to carry equipment up the stairs to staging area on 14th floor. Fire in 18X30 paper...
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    Winter Storm "Knife" (13 deaths as of 11/22/14 @0600)

    Welcome from snowed-in Orchard Park, NY, outside of Buffalo.  A state of emergency and a travel ban has been in place for three days now.  The New York State Thruway has been closed from the PA line all the way to Rochester.  The New York National Guard has been called in to help clear some of...
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    Engine 74 - "Lost World"?

    Maybe this has been addressed before, but I cannot find it. I was wondering why Engine 74 is called "The Lost World".  I understand many of the mottos and nicknames of the Engines and Trucks, but this one I cannot figure out.  Does anyone know why they are called this?
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    Buffalo 2nd Alarm 3/23/14 - Fatal Fire

    Buffalo Fire Department fighting 2nd alarm fire at 1400 Fillmore Ave. Dispatched at 0659 with heavy fire, children trapped, multiple calls. First unit on scene reports heavy fire showing, Chief 43 requests additional 1 and 1. 0709 - Chief 56 pulls all units out - goes defensive - requests 2nd...
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    Buffalo, NY - 3rd Alarm Fire - 2nd major fire in 2 nights.

    Buffalo Fire Department fighting second major fire in 2 nights - 3rd alarm fire on 700 block of East Amherst St. in Buffalo.  First call was at 2007 hours for a structure fire.  First units on the scene reported structure fully involved with extension to #2 exposure. Initial fire structure at...
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    Buffalo, NY - 2 alarm fire - 01/08/14

    01/08/14 - Buffalo Fire Department fought two-alarm fire on Abbott Road in South Buffalo.  Fire was apparently started by person attempting to unfreeze frozen water pipes with an open flame.
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    9/11 "Gas Leak"

    FDNY1075 - I think it is logical that E-7 and L-1 wouldn't lose a man, because they were in the North Tower.  Most of the heaviest loss came when the South Tower collapsed, and a lot of the units that lost men were the Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan units, who would be operating in the South...
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    9/11 "Gas Leak"

    Thank you.  Yes, I was wondering (out of curiosity more than anything else) what box number that was.
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    9/11 "Gas Leak"

    I have a question about the "9/11" film.  Chief Pfeifer, E-7 and L-1 are shown responding to a gas leak at Church and Lipsenard, and that is where they witnessed AA-11 fly into WTC-1.  Yet more units are shown in the film, and Chief Pfeifer makes it a point to say that he is sending "all units...