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    100' Ferrara Rear Mount Aerials

    27 Truck's 2013. 59 Truck's 2013. 32 Truck's 2011, after a VERY long time in the shops. 29 Truck's 2011 Got the new one on Sunday. Looks the same.
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    FDNY Pumpers awarded to KME

    83's new KME, taken by yours truly this past Sunday. 97's new KME, about a week after delivery. Photo by yours truly.
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    NYPD 1970s

    And they went to the present day white and blue in the mid 90's to also present the more soothing image, and because the cops got tired of being confused for Con Ed.
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    FDNY, LA County, San Diego, San Francisco, Carmel,...

    Here's Station 8. Used as Station 10 in the pilot, and Station 8 in Season 5. Station 127, used in the show.
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    100' Ferrara Rear Mount Aerials

    All were shot at the Rock between April and last weekend. With the exception of L-10. That was shot out in front of Quarters Thursday Night.
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    I remember where I was, standing on the pier at the Navy Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Smoking a cigarette and trying to pick my jaw up when I read the headline.
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    West Coast Travels

    Engine 41 Hollywood, March, 2005 Engine 63, Venice Beach. The first firehouse I ever visited in LA. First visit was Feb. of 01, this was taken Nov. 2009. Foam Tender 36, July, 2011 Engines 48 and 248 Haz Mat Squad 48, and Boat 2, San Pedro, July 2011.
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    West Coast Travels

    Usar 88,  Haz Mat Squad 4. September, 2005. Spare Tiller and Engine 88. Pierce Arrow XT, Sept. 2005 Fire 4 and Fire 6. Van Nuys Airport. Sept. 2005 Crash 114 Van Nuys, Sept. 2005 Foam 114, Sept. 2005 Truck 5, Sept. 2005
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    West Coast Travels

    Other Assorted County Stuff from 2005, 06, and 11. Next Stop, LA CITY!!!!
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    West Coast Travels

    Squads, Quints, and Water Tenders Most of County's Quints are tillers, with the exception of maybe 5 or 6 of them. Here's 2. Quint 187, Pomona. March, 2005. Quint 116, Carson, July 2011. I don't have any other info on these rigs. 116 needs a rearmount because a tiller will not fit in quarters...
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    West Coast Travels

    Here's some LA County Engine Companies. They are primarily KME's with a few Pierces thrown in here and there. Engine 73, 2007 KME. Nov. 2009 Engine 10, Carson, 1998 KME, Nov. 2009. Engine 30, Cerritos, 1998 KME, Nov. 2009 Engine 236. The Two Car in Station 36. Two-Cars are like the second...
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    West Coast Travels

    I thought I would share some photos from some of my excursions out west. I primarily go to Southern California, around the LA Basin, as it's called. Here's stuff from travels over the past 9 or 10 years. All Photos By Me. I'll start off with the Emergency! Stuff..Heh Heh.. Fire Station 127...
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    Seagrave Marauder II Pumpers

    And here is the board with all the helmet shields. The Marine company shield is in between Rescue and Squad.
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    100' Ferrara Rear Mount Aerials

    There ya go!!
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    Chicago Fire Dept. Questions

    AT-1 is now a 105 foot Pierce with a pre-piped waterway. Truck 3 is just a regular Pierce 100 Foot RMA.
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    Engine 281 and H and L 147 back in the day ride along

    Fire on the number 3rd floor. Ahhh I miss Rosemary.
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    9/11 "Gas Leak"

    10 and 10 were the first on scene. Pulled the rigs out and went to work.
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    9/11 "Gas Leak"

    And then, it pretty much went to shit right after that.
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    9/11 "Gas Leak"

    It was at least 2 and 2, as I was the Dispatcher who took the phone call for that gas leak. I think Ladder 8 was there, and maybe 24 or 55 Engine. As far as the Box, are you asking what the Box number was??
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    My younger Buff years

    The pictures I am about to post are from an event held out in California last year. I cracked a joke at the beginning of this thread about those guys from LA County Station 51 catching work left and right. Here's how the rigs look today, almost fully restored. ALL PHOTOS BY ME!!!! Here's Fire...