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  1. Air Recon

    9/23/22 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 1322

    Skyler, I appreciate the trip out there and your explanation about fire companies on the Rockaways. I was there last month visiting from Virginia staying at Breezy Point with a retired FDNY*EMS HAZTAC Rescue Medic officer buddy of mine. I stopped by E268/L137 and the brothers there were...
  2. Air Recon

    The state of Volunteer Fire Companies

    My vollie department (Chancellor Fire-Rescue Dept in Spotsylvania County, VA) closed its doors last year due to the lack of members and other reasons. The other vollie fire dept and rescue squad in the county are still operational but struggling. The county has gone 100% career staffing at all...
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    8/25/22 Manhattan 3*Alarm Box 8321

    Interesting...all the spare tillers are being used?
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    Command tactical unit 2

    Thanks. And I appreciate all your YouTube videos too.
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    Command tactical unit 2

    Is CTU stll located at HQ at Metrotech? As a Part 107 drone guy myself I find their activities fascinating. Anyone have any connections there? Would love a tour when I am in the city next.
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    Oldest FDNY Company?

    Just found this at 1 Also noticed that E-6 and E-7 both are older than E-3 and E-5.
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    Oldest FDNY Company?

    Can anyone advise which FDNY company is the oldest continuously serving company in the city and in Manhattan?  Is it also E-26 which is in the oldest continuously active firehouse in Manhattan?  Thanks. I did a search and saw oldest firehouses but not continuously active companies.
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    FDNY vs. NYPD ESU: Who does what?

    I have listened for years to both FDNY and NYPD SOD/ESU frequencies and the bad blood between FDNY SOC and NYPD SOD is legendary.  Still, I can't figure out why ESU is equipped and performs many of the same roles of FD such as auto extrication, collapse rescue, hazmat, etc.  The cynic in me says...
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    Planning a trip to NYC, Questions about E-5 and R-5

    Hey guys, I'm coming to NYC this weekend to visit friends and would like to stop by both Engine Co. 5 and Rescue 5. Is E-5 in its own quarters or are they in temp quarters (L-3?) For some reason I was under the impression they are or recently were having quarters repaired like L-3 just had...
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    38th Anniversary of the '77 Blackout.

    Good find. Thanks for sharing. Ok so let's start a "where were you when the lights went out?" Thread.  I'll lead off: I was 12 and was in my parents bedroom in our Upper West Side apartment watching their small black and white TV. A Don Rickles TV show called "CPO Sharkey" was on.  For some...
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    Looking for Seattle, San Fran, and LA Fire Groups/Web sites

    Happy Father's Day!  I am curious to know if anyone knows of any fire buff groups, websites, fire photography, or incident boards like this site, First on Scene, etc. for Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles?  I expect to have some Left Coast business trips this year and doing some advanced...
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    Fire Boat Communications - Channel Question

    Quick Q: Other than the VHF Marine channels, what FDNY channel(s) do the fire boats normally monitor operate on when not responding to a box - Citywide or their respective borough?  (In other words which channel do I listen to to hear them the most?)
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    "Take a mark. Remain 10-8"

    What is a "mark"?  Does that mean anything substantive to the company being told to go 10-8, or is it just a dispatcherism like "ERS all the way"?
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    5/13/2015 Manhattan All Hands 10-77 Box 1068

    1152: Manhattan to E-40 "are you available for a fire?" - Reported in apartment 4D on the 4th floor of 2166 Broadway (between 76th-77th Street) 1154: Manhattan to B-11: receiving a couple calls, 3&2, E-40 3rd due 1202: B-11 transmits 10-77, Size up per CIDS, Attack stairway "B" (later changed to...
  15. Air Recon

    Any Books on NYC Volunteer Companies in the 1800s

    Can anyone recommend or is aware of any books which chronicle the turbulent 1800s for NYC volunteer fire companies and the battles/rivalries with other vollie companies?  Boss Tweed was the foreman (captain) of "Americus Engine Company #6" on the Lower East Side (Ex E-15 quarters on Henry...
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    FDNY Truck 30

    Here she is while serving in Pennsville as Truck 5:
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    3/12/2015 All Hands Manhattan Box 1138

    Pretty friggin' close
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    Is E-44 a de facto Squad?

    So I just heard on Manhattan frequency E-44 responding to a minor HazMat job which HM1 and the HM BC were also dispatched to and subsequently turned back. E-44 is continuing in. So, my question is is E-44 trained and equipment to serve as a Squad Company even though they don't have the title of...
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    Bronx boxes - is there a pattern?

    I'm curious to know if there is any pattern to Bronx box numbers. For instance in Manhattan the boxes count up from south to north. Any similar rule of thumb for the Bronx?
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    E-60/TL-17 "Green Beret" quarters status?

    Are they back in their primary quarters yet or still responding from 83 & 42 respectively?