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    FDNY Freqs Future

    Any chance the FDNY would push their own feeds as LA County has?
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    Last NEW added house

    WOW I certainly did not expect such a discussion, Thanks guys. We out here in the west are used to constant growth, new stations. etc
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    NYPD Going Encrypted. Next Is FDNY?

    Couple of thoughts: 20 years or more I was somewhat involved in a system development. Motorola was including their encryption algorithm included in there radios. They marketed as "getting rid of those scanner guys" Second is, and someone with current knowledge correct me. if you get a...
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    Last NEW added house

    2 questions actually When was the last house opened ? No a relocated house, but a real new added firehouse and Company Is the City landlocked , and cannot expand its geographic footprint?
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    I herd the Volunteer ambulances (Not the Hospital based Voluntary units ) have been taken out of FDNY CAD Still the case, How are they notified, is it a case where a homeonwner calls a Comunity volunteer ambulance and they call FDNY, or do they respond and they FDNY is never notified?
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    Comm unit

    I went Thru ComL Training with guys from E246 , I think
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    FDNY and bordering suburbs

    A bit of history outside of NYC but related to the question. I lived in Missoula Mt and in the late 60s the City paid to have all their hydrants changed to a unique Thread so the Rural Departments could not hook up and it was many years before the city bought adaptors. Another one: My dad told...
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    Pump Testing New Super Pumper

    From a article I got
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    FDNY EMS 25th Anniversary

    That's interesting, In Arizona we had 3 EMT levels basic, advanced and Paramedic . First responders I do not think are a State certification, and we essentially got rid of "advanced" because they added so many skills it was just a matter of getting signed off on paramedic meds. EMTs can start...
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    NYPD going encrypt

    There is a Security Bulletin from the FBI stating all NCIC CJIS information in transit must be encrypted to FIPS standards. There is nothing specifically stating voice communications must be encrypted, and voice communications over cellular networks are exempted. However, states are...
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    FDNY EMS 25th Anniversary

    Ok so here is are some questions given the 25th anniversary: How does the CFRD firefighter compare to a NY EMTBasic? Is there any interest in Engine based EMTs? How often is the Engine at scene waiting for the bus or is this stat even kept for 10-37s? BLS (EMT-Basics ) are generally a standard...
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    EMS chiefs/ Fire Chiefs

    Cool, I assume there is a Citywide Tour commander for EMS then...?
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    EMS chiefs/ Fire Chiefs

    I am assuming the EMS chiefs stay in their own lane so to speak, or do they? Are there Chiefs that have moved from EMS to Suppression? Are EMS chiefs on the rotation for the after hours duty Chief on the Suppression side?
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    My understanding is ESU is trained in high angle rope rescue. As with the window washer incident recently would ESU assist FDNY, vis-versa or not at all in a job like that? I am aware of the delegation of authority after 9-11, just wondering
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    Covid EMS calls and volunteer ambulances

    Are any of the "94" units from the volunteer groups assisting with calls.  If memory serves, they all got taken off the CAD some years ago.
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    AMR ambulances deployed to NYC

    I have herd from the interweb 500 ambulances have been deployed to NYC via FEMA. AMR would be the only company I can think of that could fill such a order Any truth to it? Also a clarification question.  I asked before this all started about number of ambulances on the street at a given time...
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    Sutphen apparatus

    It appears that FDNY evaluated Sutphen aerial towers.  With the integrated ladder, I wondered why FDNY went with AierialScope.  was it just because of Mack apparatus or something else?  they had both been in the business a long time,  I was just curious....