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    5/17/24 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 2617

    It is busy....the local units are not always available and units have to come from further.....we could have 50 more fire units and 100 more ambulances and it still would be busy and at times we do not have enough
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    5/17/24 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 2617

    It is programmed to do just that....but 89/94 was on an Arrest which gets a response no matter and 96 and 64 were on other EMS runs that came in a few minutes before fire....The CFR threshold is determined by Battalion 2/5 or 3/6 engines avail for EMS......The Engines on EMS runs...
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    4/23/24 Brooklyn 4th Alarm Box 2865

    There is no longer a BC aide class. OTJ training. At this particular fire there were a lot of newly promoted officers and an ABC 1st due. Like it or not we have an experience deficit at all levels and it shows.
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    2/26/24 Brooklyn 10-77 Box 3655

    yes the area was covered by relocators
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    Temporary Relocations

    it was a pipe dream and pet project of previous SI Boro Presidents......never got capital funds and there was talk at the time of building a SOC FH in Fort Wadsworth that also never went anywhere.....
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    Cell phone service out - February 22 '24

    a limited amount still in Staten Island. Maybe a dozen in Brooklyn which are not operable. The rest of the city is all ERS....the outside plant focus has been running fiber optic cable to all FDNY facilities. not maintenance of boxes .....the boxes are old technology that relies on Verizon on...
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    1/22/24 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2965

    At least once or twice BC33 recommended over the HT that a 2-2 be transmitted to the IC.......The job is a rudderless ship and now they are playing games with multiples and incident escalations......It is a shame what the job has become......
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    1/22/24 Queens 10-75 Box 1247

    TA have been OOS since yesterday.....not assigned on this box
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    12/20/23 Queens 5th Alarm Box 7254

    There is no rhyme or reason with the Staff Chiefs anymore....Command Chief goes at his discretion on 2-2, has to go on 3-3.....COO and COD on 4-4 but do what they please. As far as SOC and Safety....Usually they go to 4-4 and higher more so in an unofficial capacity....nothing official as part...
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    12/20/23 Queens 5th Alarm Box 7254

    As of now there are 29 engines, 21 trucks and 14 BC's on many special units and staff to mention or care about
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    12/10/23 box 1622 Pin with possible ejection

    Internal SOC politics.......god forbid closest resources go ....been like this for 30-40 years.......same reasons Squads don't go on all reported pins ..Rescue captains have too much pull to keep their empires strong....
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    12/2/23 No More 5 Man Engines

    This is nothing new.....The City is choosing to implement a clause in the UFA contract when medical leave reaches XYX % they can reduce the staffing on the Group A or whatever they refer to them now as engines......All smoke and mirrors......just more of a headline now due to budget crisis and...
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    Spare Rescues

    SOC Equipment Depot.....Swiftwater/Hi Axle rigs should be there also
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    7/26/2023 Manhattan 5th Alarm Box 0782

    10-60 was never transmitted.....a major technical rescue response matrix was assigned. There are a few minor differences.
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    FDNY Aren't the Only Ones Who Use Nolan Carts

    FDNY got the idea from the railroads....not the other way around......
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    Vermont Flooding

    NY TF-1 deployed yesterday I believe.. Type 3 swiftwater package
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    Newark, NJ 7/5/23 Ship Fire

    based on radio traffic and from members operating....FDNY and North Hudson located the last missing member.....
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    Newark, NJ 7/5/23 Ship Fire

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    7/4/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3862

    166 is 2nd truck on the 3-3 now.....318 is 4th due on 3-3........
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    6/1/23 Radio Issues

    This is going to be happening all summer due to the weather conditions and narrow banding of the UHF and 700/800 Mhz frequencies.......