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  1. fdny1984

    Remote control pump panel via nozzle

    sorry guys, Iaccidentally voted yes on this: it is absolutely not! the MPO has more to think about than just his/her members on the hose line; water supply and health of the engine driving that pump to name a couple. doubt it can address those issues 😉
  2. fdny1984

    operational reference

    Has anyone heard if and when Jim Griffiths is going to put out a new operational reference?
  3. fdny1984

    2 piece engine co.

    thanks to everyone who has replied to this question. you guys have wealth of knowlege, thanks for sharing it.  :)
  4. fdny1984

    2 piece engine co.

    Right there with you. I remember when a haz-mat call was simply called a gasoline spill! By the way G-Man, what do the astrics mean?
  5. fdny1984

    2 piece engine co.

    Thanks for the fire bell info G-man. It would seem like there would have been a lot more than the 17 cos. mentioned. I know from the faj column 50 years after the end of WW II that out of 230 engines 130 still ran with both. I guess in the ensuing 27 or so years they (the hose wagons) slowly...
  6. fdny1984

    2 piece engine co.

    In 1973 the staffing of 2 piece engines was increased by 2 firefighters by a arbitrators award. So to avoid the extra staffing, the department eliminated most of the second pieces. I was wondering if anyone remembers who the last engines were that had 2 pieces, that is a pumper and hose wagon...
  7. fdny1984

    New Boston firehouse book

    M T Publishing has a new book on FDNY's firehouses coming out in "late summer" . Check it out at Their books are kind of pricey but well worth it. They published "the last alarm",a great book and highly recommended.
  8. fdny1984

    EMS Officer shift shedule

    Do EMS officers' work the same shift schedule as EMT's and Paramedics? And do they usually ride alone or with a partner?
  9. fdny1984

    Dignitary Protection Unit

    With the Pope's impending visit to New York, I've started wondering about the DPU. I realize most info on it is likely kept confidential, but what I am interested in is 1) do they there own dedicated buses and 2) how many Paramedics/Officers staff that rig? Thanks, Jim