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    Euclid, OH 5/11/24

    All good. I was slightly worried because they (the news) really didn’t cover much of the stand-off.
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    Euclid, OH 5/11/24

    Do you have any news coverage confirming that? He was found roughly 10 miles from where the shooting happened. Columbus is 150+ miles away. This also happened pretty local to me, as in I have friends on the PD in the city that the standoff was in, and I've not seen anything about another cop...
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    Euclid, OH 5/11/24

    Suspect has been found and is dead after taking his own life during a standoff.
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    Stop pretending you have a fire department.

    You can only provide the services the tax payers are willing to pay for. I've been told that for many many years. This applies to everyone, but honestly applies more to the volunteer jurisdictions that anywhere else. Luckily I work for a full time department with established automatic mutual...
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    Quints are majority of Aerial builds says manufacturer

    Yep. Were a crew of 6, minimum on duty is 5 with an engine, truck and 2 ALS busses.
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    Quints are majority of Aerial builds says manufacturer

    I’ll completely agree with you. Between my dept and 4 other surrounding depts, we have a total of 4 aerials over 6 stations. For the amount of use that they get it’s not worth it. We could probably drop one and still be just fine for their lack of use. I can’t remember the last fire that the...
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    Quints are majority of Aerial builds says manufacturer

    The biggest city in my area, Cleveland, has gone to quints on all their truck companies. No closure of companies or reduction in manpower just easier for them. They run into situations where the truck ends up by themselves for awhile and are able to start suppression if need be. Same goes for...
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    3/31/24 Brooklyn 5th Alarm / 10-66 Box 0270

    It’s a fog nozzle thing that’s been proven incorrect. You can push air, but it's minimal and doesn’t really cause issue. Even less with the solid bore nozzles that FDNY uses and most of the American fire service is getting back to.
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    Most rigs I've worked on have either a red light or an audible alarm when a compartment is ajar. Seat belt alarms, Compartment alarms, cab door alarms..... they're great until they break and randomly alarm driving down the road and you can't shut them off.
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    Atlanta GA FD places order for 12 Spartan fire apparatus 3/30/23

    Maybe it’s something similar to Phoenix‘s Ladder Tender concept? A “lighter” duty vehicle to run the day to day service calls so as not to destroy the main rig. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Chicago: Massive Fire at Scrap Metal Facility 3/2/24

    As an Ohioian from the northern part of the state, y’all can keep that stuff down there. 😂
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    Who responds on a medical branch call ??? In route etc.

    Well said! Even as a medic outside of NYC I can agree with your statements, especially about blood vs fluids. Luckily we’re seeing an increase in services carrying and offering blood products but they’re still the exception, not the rule.
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    Pump Operations with hydrants on 48 inch water mains

    I've seen true hard suction, in the sense that it looks and functions as hard suction, that has been rated to take pressure as well. If I remember correctly, it was super expensive.
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    What's In Your Pockets

    Left pocket: bailout rope Right pocket: wire cutters, little pry bar(for removing car trim), Screw driver and channel Locks Left coat pocket: wedges (wooden and one metal) Right coat pocket: extrication gloves, safety glasses, window punch Radio pocket - left chest: (my department still orders...
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    Garner (NC) Fire Department starts new 48/96 shift schedule

    My department has been on the 48/96 for several years now. We LOVE it. It maximizes time off while minimizing commutes and time needed to recover from a busy shift. The only downfall is the need to have an administration that understands that we're indeed there for 48 hours so a strict wakeup on...
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    I had to fill 16 cylinders today. I'll never complain again. :ROFLMAO:
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    Columbus OH FD gets 5 new Sutphen Heavy Rescues

    Sutphen is running about the same at this point as everyone else. The big thing is Sutphen is in Columbus's back yard in Dublin(a inner ring suburb to Columbus). The department runs 100% Sutphen except for TDA's which are Pierce and make up about half of their ladder companies. The Sutphen TDA...
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    Columbus OH FD gets 5 new Sutphen Heavy Rescues

    They got these last summer, but I’ve seen this picture floating around as new delivery recently for some reason. SVI body on Sutphen chassis. Replaced all rescues in the city at once.
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    Arlington, VA Stolen Ambulance, PD Chase

    Over the years we've had a handful stolen up here near Cleveland. It's usually a psych and you're right, they don't get far.
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    Roxboro NC FD new pumper August 2023

    It is a Roto Ray. We run them on our rigs at my job. They’re fantastic at catching attention of drivers, especially at night. They’re wired to shut off as soon as the air brake is set so they’re done spinning pretty quickly.