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    Divisions; Deputy Chiefs (2021)

    In a double house, who is in charge ? Senior Captain ?
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    3/4/24 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1822

    Early Arrival... Down the block from 236
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    NYC fire photographers

    I know you were asking about fireground photog's. But Mike has alot of his photo's of FDNY rigs posted here:
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    Snowflake 1

    Video is from 2022.
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    SnowFlake 1, Ex Sat 4😎
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    E-One Vector electric Fire Engine Demo truck November 2023

    100% Electric... With a diesel engine.
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    Colliersville TN FD new Quint November 2023

    Thats some serious weight on a single axle.... FYI: This was delivered in March/April of this year. 110ft Aerial. Water is 470 gal and 30 gal Foam. 500 total.
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    Lieutenant Adrienne Walsh R1

    FYI: Lieutenant Adrienne Walsh R1 has retired after 26yrs on the job 3/27/23.
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    Palm Beach Gardens Fl: New Rig February 2023

    Not alot of Seagrave's in that area, let alone in Florida itself. Nice spec.
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    New Rearmount order

    Would be more the lines of this.
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    1/14/22 Passaic NJ 10th Alarm

    There is a regional boat task force now in service for that area. It consists of : Edgewater, North Hudson, Hoboken, Jersey City, Bayonne, Linden, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy, Newark, Carteret, Kearny and Secaucus. Fire boats are directed to emergencies by the North Hudson dispatchers from their...
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    1/14/22 Passaic NJ 10th Alarm

    That report was false. OFFICIAL NOTICE: Wayne Fire Department, Community Volunteer Fire Company #1 with Tower 1 is operating in Passaic at a multiple alarm commercial fire. There are multiple untrue reports circulating of statements made by the Chief of Company #1 as well as untrue statements...
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    New fdny rescue's???

    This is who built the cab for Ferrara. It has tremendous similarities to a Seagrave Cab. The doors are a dead giveaway. If you look close, and compare them to other rigs, the Seagrave Full length Cab doors angle stright,  from the front to back...