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    5/21/24 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3797

    109 was on the way. But their rig broke down, 123 replaced them. I believe 172 is on it.
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    5/17/24 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 2617

    Fire Under Control. Heavy Clutter Conditions.
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    4/14/24 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 1463

    Probably 114 got in first but being a bucket he went to the corner and 109 went ifo the fire building.
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    Radio Boo-Boo ,going to 800 mhz Encrepted ?????

    Wow. So what's gonna be? That also means that most people on the job won't be able to listen in besides when they are on duty. I wander what everyone's plans are.
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    Radio Boo-Boo ,going to 800 mhz Encrepted ?????

    Also, the reason NYPD is going encrypted is because of 'bad guys' they say. What's the reason FDNY needs encrypted?
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    Radio Boo-Boo ,going to 800 mhz Encrepted ?????

    Not yet as in not this update but to come very soon, or not yet as in not before a few years?
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    The Blizzard of 1978

    Any radio recordings available?
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    1/9/24 Manhattan 10-77 / 2nd Alarm Box 1669

    1 10-45 Is a Code 2
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    Last Job of 2023. First Job of 2024

    First job BC38
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    12/13/23 Bronx 5th Alarm Box 3735

    Engine 72 With Satellite 2 On The Original 10-75
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    11/1/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 0647

    Yes 10-75 Transmitted
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    7/26/2023 Manhattan 5th Alarm Box 0782

    On the radio I heard one dispatcher of Field Comm communicating with Manhattan for most of the scene. But late into the job I hear Billy Ladell coming up on the air. Is he special called for major incidents?
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    NYPD Going Encrypted. Next Is FDNY?

    Yesterday the NYPD started to try out their digital radio system, encrypted channels, with switching over some of it's Brooklyn North precincts to a P25 system. Next is the NYPD SOD (ESU) to switch over, and slowly the entire department will be on this system. This is a terrible news for all...
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    6/1/23 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1916

    Would anyone have thr department order the dispatcher announced after the fire regarding the radio issues?
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    5/15/23 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1633

    Was a typo, I just fixed it. It's my first time doing a full fire report
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    5/15/23 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1633

    BFD (Dispatcher-443): Phone Alarm Box 1633, Address Of 280 East 92nd Street, At Clarkston Avenue, Reporting A Fire. @02:02. E-283: 10-75 Da Box, Fire Onda First Floor Inda Rear Of A MD, Corner Building, Have The Trucks Come Of Clarkston. @02:04. L-120 Fast Truck. B-38: Using All Hands, Get Me...
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    5/14/23 - Busy Day For The FDNY - AH/Or Greater

    It might be allot related to cooking, was mother's day and more people get to cook at home. And in a btw, all fires were placed Pwh in a very short time! The brothers did an outstanding job at each fire.
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    5/14/23 Brooklyn 3rd Alarm Box 2999

    They just located a burned e-scooter inside..
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    5/9/23 AH Brooklyn Box 1823

    Sounds like they have some doa's
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    4/10/23 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 7490

    2 10-45 Code 1