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    Ward LaFrance rigs

    E82 received their 1960 WLF Firebrand on 9/28/60.  It was in service until 82 got one of the first Mack CF's (#1072, but maybe not the first one put in service) in early Dec. 1968.  That means that the WLF was at 82 for [i]8 years.[/i] During that time here are the Runs for 82, starting in 1961...
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    That sounds exciting!  Nothing like a good scrapbook.
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    L54 got the 1960 Mack C85F 85' tractor-drawn  Maxim aerial on 4-13-66 when they were organized on Story Ave.  They had that rig until 12-3-70 when they received a new Seagrave rearmount.  That was a good ten years work before FDNY had term limits on their rigs.
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    A Moment in Time 8-10-1968

    Tactical Control Unit 712 was quartered with E43 on Sedgwick Av and saw service between the hours of 1500-2400 from 11-15-1969 to 7-8-1971 at Intervale Av.  It then relocated to 1264 Boston Road with E85 until 11-24-1972 at which time it became L59 in the same house.  It moved in with E43 on...
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    A Moment in Time 8-10-1968

    And the next new aerial that L37 received was a 1972 Seagrave rear-mount.
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    A Moment in Time 8-10-1968

    Nice corrections, G-Man.  Check this for me because I believe I am wrong with L27:  they already had a new 1968 ALF delivered on 3/10/68 (I missed that) and therefore did not receive a '69.
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    A Moment in Time 8-10-1968

    I picked the date of August 10, 1968, for no particular reason (except maybe that it was Ladder 56's first day of service) to show all apparatus in service on that day in The Bronx.  It's quite a collection of apparatus, before the days of 10 year term-limits.  Ladder 55 had come into being on...
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    War Years Tactics

    Interested in getting some thoughts or stories regarding various firefighting tactics and company operations.  I'll start with the following: It's around 1970...No Handi-Talkies, and obviously no air-packs...Two and two plus a Chief respond to a working fire on the 3rd floor of a 5-brick OMD. ...
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    Fourth Alarm - February 17, 1962

    As many a 8 two-and-a-halfs going in one doorway!  The control man must have been a busy guy!
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    Adaptive Response with Truck Positions

    Gee, Willie D, you gave me the photo of that engine but I don't remember you being in it!
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    Those fire reports are awesome!  How long did "Third Alarm" publish?  I am struck by the initial alarm assignments: was it standard procedure to send only what was available of the assignment, or did they ask the BC as they do nowadays if the reduced assignment was sufficient?