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    LAFD ladders

    So much for the fraternity and brotherhood. Are you aware that the union is comprised of active duty firemen who have to use the equipment that they endorse?
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    High Pressure Hose

    The hose is now red jacketed, with white anodized butts, to distinguish it from conventional hose. Only around 200' is carried, usually kept straight rolled in officers side pump panel compartments or flat loaded on chauffeur's side shelf, below the hard suction (where other engines carry high...
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    Officer Side Siamese Intakes on 2,000 Gpm Pumpers

    The "draft only" intake is marked as such for safety, there is no intake relief valve on that intake. If connected to a pressurized source, it is not able to bleed pressure spikes, so it is designated as vacuum only / draft only plumbing.
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    FDNY Squad Equipment

    Does anyone know what the relatively small tire/ rims, usually stored in the compartment with collapse equipment, are used for? I have seen them on each of the squads, but I have never received an explanation as to what they go to, or what they are used for.