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    Sometimes we are reluctant to write about our experiences. For example, Captain of 82 engine. We had a job early,3 am, in a closed Chinese restaurant. Fire was in the restaurant proper with a long hallway before reaching the restaurant with a right turn. 31 was forcing the door, while we waited...
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    Thank you. BM
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    Happy Birthday Tom. I was the Captain of E82 from 9/73 to 5/76. The Lieutenants at this time were Louie Andrade, Tom Walsh and Tom Simmons. Tom Simmons was well respected by the members of 82/31. Tom beside being a great fire boss was also a great office guy. Tom made sure that 82's books and...
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    I would like to see a book with the title of "Why Did They Let It Happen." I came on the job in 1960. We were assigned to a company that day as the Proby School was still in session with a class. I was assigned to L19. Rode with 19 for about 3 weeks before beginning school. The streets in 19's...
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    Tower ladders during war years

    Unfortunately though the fire bugs adapted to the use of tower ladders by setting their fires in the rear of the buildings.
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    Retired NYC employees sue to block new ‘inferior’ Medicare coverage

    It always annoyed the hell out of me when-ever it was said that NYC employees eg: cops and firefighters receive free health care. It never was free during my 37 years in the FDNY. Whenever we negotiated/received raises it was always broken into two parts, salary increase and benefit costs. If we...
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    Park Slope & Staten Island Plane Midair & Crash . . . Dec 16, 1960

    Was on the job less than a year when these planes went down. Was assigned then at 74 engine. Worked a 6x9 (no 24's then) the night after the planes crashed. At the start of the tour the Captain told me that I was detailed to the crash site for the tour. A van pulled up to qtrs with 3 ff's in the...
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    Bill Ladell, Fieldcomm: 50 Years and Counting

    Congratulations Billy. Was always a pleasure.
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    Anniversary of Strike in 73

    Was working 6x9 night before strike. Received phone call from division to call all off duty members to report for duty 9AM tour next morning. E82/L31 majority of members actually voted not to strike. I myself didn't believe that the strike would happen. All but one or two members of 82/31 were...
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    I was working the tour in 82 the day Mel made the rescue with his new rope. At the 9AM roll-call that tour the members of 31 were issued their new personal life saving ropes. An hour or so later Mel rescued this girl, without a doubt saving her life. During the fire service years you would see...
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    Jack Mayne and Mickey Maye were both great guys to work with in the firehouse and at a job. When I went to 82 Maye was still president of the UFA, losing his re-election bid. The first time I worked with him was a night tour. I came up the stairs and Mickey was standing in front of his locker...
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    Beirut,Lebanon At Least 70 Dead & Over 3,000 Injured In Explosion

    The people reported two explosions in fast order. This would be typical of a grain explosion(s). The first grain explosion kicks up additional grain dust which then ignites in a second explosion which is usually larger and more deadly than the first, we'll see.
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    Oh Those Busy Fourth of Julys

    One summer night 1975 I believe there were 3 or 4 4th alarm simultaneous fires in 82's response area. Fires were set by the then Black Panthers as a "statement" according to the newspapers the next day. When 82 (1st due) responded into the first fire they had fire showing from over a hundred...
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    Oh Those Busy Fourth of Julys

    With the current lack of leadership in the State, City, Fire and Police Departments. With the disrespect for and lack of fear of the police and with the mob control of the same streets, 2020 will be the most hostile and dangerous 4th of July in the city's history.
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    Worked with Bob when he was a Lt. in 50-2 and I was a Lt. in 50-1. Was a great guy, firefighter and friend. Comfort for his family, may he Rest in Peace.
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    FDNY early chiefs car

    That was my favorite car. But I used to get tired as hell pulling that damn bell on long runs.
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    I was a Lt. in 50 engine 70-73. Billy was a fill- in chauffeur, when needed in 50 during those years. Billy was driving me one day. We were responding to a box and I thought we were going "to slow." I turned to Billy and said "can't you go a little faster." He looked at me and said "you want to...
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    No problem Bill. My intent when I started this thread was for other guys also posting about their experiences. I would like to read what so many others have experienced during their service.
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    Thank you guys for all your kind words. Age catching up, starting to slow down. Wife refuses to stand a roll call for me anymore so I guess that's over with. Also I went on a diet a few months ago when I hit 220 on the scale. Down now to 190, feel good. All of you stay safe and during these...