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    Fire Commissioner To Resign

    I can only guess!
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    A tale of 2 helmets, the left 1 is the war years and the right the glory years. Left was used for 6 years and was knocked at Co. annual inspection. New one back then was only $42 with tax.
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    Working side by side during the war years with the legends of 120, I knew all their first names. But Olsen as I recall was not known by his first name to me but only as Ollie. RIP Brother.
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    Tower Ladders vs Rear Mount straight ladders

    A lot easier taking the saw to the roof with a Tower Ladder.
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    How will Congestion pricing affect FDNY/ NYPD members working in lower Manhattan

    She and Biden are on the same page with reelection nearing.
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    How will Congestion pricing affect FDNY/ NYPD members working in lower Manhattan

    This will probably have a big impact on Broadway Shows. I have resigned myself not to enter Manhattan, because of the irresponsible bike riders. I now go to Engeman Theater in Northport for any show I want to see. The commute is about 5 minutes.
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    Back Step Riding

    When I was in 233-2 we were responding to a Bushwick box and a right turn off Bushwick Ave. had one of our guys fall off the backstep. Fortunately he wasn't injured seriously, but was transported to Wyckoff Hospital. There was no communication with the backstep and the cab and the rig went a...
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    Back Step Riding

    The problem was the rigs didn't have seating positions inside. Then the bombardment of bricks and bottles aimed at the Firefighters riding the back step had the shops busy making back step covers to protect the men. Some will remember L174 refused to respond to Brownsville because the Tiller man...
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    How will Congestion pricing affect FDNY/ NYPD members working in lower Manhattan

    If anybody thinks this will solve the MTA and the Cities budget problems their mistaken. This is their foot in the door and pricing will be going up every year just like the bridge and tunnel tolls and transit fares and also my cable bill.
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    New Rearmount order

    That sign was there in the early stages after the house was built. I don't remember the exact year we relocated there but I would say mid to late 80's. I left the fire house in 92.
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    Condolences to the Family and may he RIP. I didn't know Sr., but met Eddie Jr. at an unfortunate incident several years ago. Although he was in 175 we never really met running in with each other. We only ran in with them in Highland Park and Cypress hills. Unfortunately I have met Jr. at several...
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    4/14/24 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1796

    1 of the very few boxes we ran in with 175. That neighbor hood resisted the fire storm that plagued so many other East NY and Brownsville neighbor hoods. I always called it Cypress Hills.
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    Syracuse NY Police Officer & Sheriff's Deputy Killed

    Cop's should approach all cars with their guns drawn. At least then they have half a chance of surviving. Let's hear how many warrants or previous arrest for this mutt.
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    Fallen Newark FF families file lawsuit

    In the fire service there aren't too many textbook fires. Reading the story about a Jeep pushing articles on to a ship is very odd. Training is a very valuable tool, but sometimes common sense has to kick in at some point. At this time do we really know how these 2 Firefighters lost their life...
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    New Rearmount order

    We relocated to 173 sometime in the late 80's and there was a sign that said no rear mount rigs were permitted on the apparatus floor, so we parked on the apron. Word was floor wouldn't support Rear Mount because weight was concentrated and not spread out like a Tiller Rig. Have they reinforced...
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    3/31/24 Brooklyn 5th Alarm / 10-66 Box 0270

    Most Churches don't use lit candles anymore for that reason. The offertory candles had become electric, eliminating a potential source for an accidental fire. In the mid 90's as a Fire Marshal I had a Church fire as a result of lit candles starting wood moulding on fire and extending to the...
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    10-75 Signal Revision

    During the war years BC used to hold it to 2&2 because he didn't want Deputy to show up. All Hands brought DC.
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    10-75 Signal Revision

    So if extra Eng. & Trk have to wait till fire is extinguished to go to work, doesn't sound too productive. Maybe this is a trial and error change, like some of the previous changes such as the Adaptive Response, 2 Eng. & 1 Trk, in the early 70's and then the CFU's later on.