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    The 2000 Seagrave is or was the bailout trainer, it would go around to firehouses for bailout training
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    The old Bangor Ladders

    New Haven, all the tillers have 2 section 50 footers. the straight truck and tower has a 2 section 40 footer. They don’t come off the truck much but when you need them you need them.
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    2092 FDNY Spartan

    DOC bought the ALF, it’s on Rikers Island
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    3/24/24 New Haven CT Signal 22 Box 1002

    Emergency Unit on the initial box is supposed to set up for patient care, when/if an AMR ALS unit arrives they can be utilized for other tasks. The unit on the second alarm performs whatever duty the I/C assigns to them. For the most part if it’s exterior they can operate solo, interior they...
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    3/4/24 New Haven CT Signal 22 Box 901

    Not sure what the numbers are now but they are a lot higher in the last few years with all the construction going on. At least 2 engines doing over 5,500 calls a year
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    New Purple K Units

    Are the new rigs the same as the older rigs?
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    New Seagraves

    The production time for new apparatus is through the roof. Good chance they won’t be delivered for at least 3 years
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    FDNY Apparatus News

    Not anymore, all engines citywide are 500 gallons now
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    FDNY Apparatus News

    High pressure engines are 3 stage pumpers instead of the normal 2 stage. They also carry special hose for supplying standpipes in high rises
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    Spare Rescues

    I believe he helped design the E-One rigs
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    New Rescues ?

    The warranty the FDNY specs is quite expensive. My guess is the rigs cost about 2 mil a piece plus the warranty
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    HAZMAT - Substance ID

    ERG and Wiser both have free apps
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    8/31/23 New Haven CT Signal 73 Box 501

    Truck 2 on the box, I believe 10/3 were out of the borough covering North Haven for the funeral
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    8/28/23 Hamden CT

    It was such a dump when I went there. I’m honestly surprised the building is still standing with how cheap it was built. I don’t know why they didn’t d knock the rest down when they demolished the auditorium and cafeteria. Lots of cancer linked to that building.
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    8/28/23 Hamden CT

    I’m surprised there is anything left to burn there. It’s only been closed for almost 20 years. Time to knock it down. Let’s not forget it closed because it was built on a toxic dump either lol
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    7/13/23 New Haven Signal 23 Box 1005

    Ems-5 was renamed car 35. No call back chiefs activated
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    7/13/23 New Haven Signal 23 Box 1005

    5 -2.5’s, tower ladder and ladder pipe in operation
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    Beaumont CA Quint

    My dept just ordered a pair of engines and a tower from Seagrave, something like 800 days for the engines and closer to 900 for the tower
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    7/6/23 Marine Units

    Any idea what boat marine 7 is using?
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    Newark, NJ 7/5/23 Ship Fire

    At least Marine 9 is still operating