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    Pump Operations

    Thanks for the replies, I wasn’t sure if the FDNY didn’t keep the pumps wet or if it was coincidence that these videos all had the engines priming to use tank water.
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    Pump Operations

    Watched a few videos of FDNY responses lately, videos less than 4 years old and I keep hearing the primers being used as they start water, is this common? I’ve heard it in quite a few videos now. I know these engines get used quite a bit I was just curious about this.
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    FDNY to offer free skin cancer screenings

    In Mass we have Dr.Kannler, looks like she’s actually pictured in the article, a dermatologist lost her brother, Peter a Chelsea FF to occupational cancer. She wanted to help out firefighters and since then has provided probably thousands of skin cancer screenings, state union meetings...
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    5/25/24 Boston MA 3rd Alarm Box 3648

    No E27 in BFD, I believe it should be 28.
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    NY airport emergencies

    Would both airports get Would both airports get Satallites 3,4&6? If available?
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    Charlton,MA 2 Alarm House Fire 3/24/2024

    Ended up being 3 alarms, direct call to the fire house for a possible chimney fire. First in engine had the entire roof going on arrival. No hydrants nearby, first in had 1250 gallons, 2nd in with 1500 with off duty members.
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    2/19/24 Boston MA 2nd Alarm Box 1752

    There was plans in the past 3 years to bring 13 back, return it to E22’s house.
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    Pump Operations with hydrants on 48 inch water mains

    So I was always told true hard suction for drafting would come apart on a pressure hydrant, we did it with a 60psi hydrant and it indeed came apart. It was suction hose that drafted just fine as well.
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    2/19/24 Boston MA 2nd Alarm Box 1752

    Absolutely! I’m not sure what happened with Ladder 13, I saw the devices were even made and then nothing.
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    2/19/24 Boston MA 2nd Alarm Box 1752

    I forget what year it was but District 10 was re-established and is now back out of Engine 55’s house. Dist 10 is 30/25, 49 and 55.
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    Temporary Relocations

    What happens to the water in the booster tank? I know when my job is out on runs in the winter we’re circulating water constantly.
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    12/2/23 No More 5 Man Engines

    Just for clarification, how many companies are loosing the 5th man?
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    New Rearmount order

    The graphics company just posted some photos of E21, you can see at least 1 aerial in the background, I think a 2nd.
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    Combined Quarters

    The new fire house topic sparked a question. What were the latest companies to move out of single quarters to combine in a new or existing house? I can think of E15 moving to TL18, 201 & 114 new house, 63 & 39? Any others?
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    Satellite Ops

    So during that time the Satellite’s were their own company and not cross staffed by their house engines?
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    Satellite Ops

    Thank you all for your replies, I appreciate the info.
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    Satellite Ops

    When a satellite is assigned to a job via run cards, if the satellite isn’t utilized at that job, do the members assigned to the satellite stay with the rig, or do they join their normally assigned engine company and operate? Thank you for any input.
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    New FDNY Tillers

    I have 0 knowledge of their first due’s but funny you mention 38 & 49 didn’t they both have those massive Seagrave RMs in the early 90’s?
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    SOC Quarters

    Was there ever company numbers assigned or did it not get that far?
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    New Seagraves

    I met the truck committee when they were out at the factory not too long ago, great group.