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  1. FDNY Response Videos

    7/9/24 Brooklyn 10-77 Box 783

    Technically next door to E217
  2. FDNY Response Videos

    6/24/24 Manhattan Hazmat Box 903

    Location: East 56th Street & Sutton Place Attempted Chemical Suicide in Car Rundown: E-8 L-2 B-8 E-44 w/ HMTU 44 HM1 HMB EMS Rundown: 12D 07R Conditions 7 10H (BLS HAZTAC) Haztac 1 1 addl ALS MIDTOWN EAST - At 7am Monday, FDNY responded to reports of an unconscious person in a car. Upon...
  3. FDNY Response Videos

    6/20/24 Queens All Hands Box 6417

    Great video by Matthew Wegner showing the first due units getting to work!
  4. FDNY Response Videos

    6/20/24 Manhattan 3rd Alarm Box 313

    Yes - but you would expect to see it manifest to some degree throughout the whole city. Nonetheless, the Information available at the moment can’t prove or disprove the cause of these fires so it’s anybody’s guess. this box (313) was only 1 off from the roof fire at 66 Crosby street (314)
  5. FDNY Response Videos

    6/20/24 Bronx 4th Alarm Box 2297

    Phone Alarm - 05:06 Box Loaded - 05:06 L55 10-75 - 05:09 B26 2nd Alarm - 05:13 D6 2nd Alarm (again) - 05:14
  6. FDNY Response Videos

    6/20/24 Manhattan 3rd Alarm Box 313

    Definitely something suspect about the 5 or so major roof fires in this area in the last 2 days…
  7. FDNY Response Videos

    6/17/24 Staten Island All Hands Box 1391

    Think 163 was relocated to 151 for the day. Don’t think they were back since 83 truck reported they were stretching off the hydrant.
  8. FDNY Response Videos

    FDNY dispatch policy

    In essence, yes. Dispatchers are able to “Load Up the Box” based on information they receive (dispatcher signal 10-30) which assigns nearly the same response as the transmission of a 10-75. In addition they are able to enhance other responses for collapses, water rescue incidents etc with a...
  9. FDNY Response Videos

    6/13/24 Bronx All Hands Box 2422

    One of the rare jobs these days that is first reported via ERS box.
  10. FDNY Response Videos

    6/8/24 Manhattan 2nd Alarm Box 0554

    33 got in first backed up by 14
  11. FDNY Response Videos

    FD Response for a MCI

    This varies. A 10-60 would be the first thing that comes to mind as a true “MCI” response for the FDNY. However, in recent years, MCIs caused by a number of car v pedestrian incidents have had 10-75s transmitted for them.
  12. FDNY Response Videos

    5/28/24 Bronx Collapse Box 4973

    Appears the All-Hands was recently transmitted
  13. FDNY Response Videos

    FDNY EMS Priority Levels

    If you have the MCI assignments / levels, that would be interesting to learn too!
  14. FDNY Response Videos

    FDNY EMS Priority Levels

    Exactly what I was looking for - many thanks!